Deezer Focuses on Latin America with Mercado Libre Meli+ Partnership

Deezer Meli+
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Deezer Meli+
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Photo Credit: Wesley Tingey

Deezer amps up its focus on Latin America with its partnership with Mercado Libre as the official music streaming partner in the launch of Meli+.

Music streaming platform Deezer expands its partnership with leading Latin American e-commerce platform Mercado Libre for the launch of Meli+. An all-inclusive retail and entertainment subscription service introduced in Mercado Libre’s primary markets of Brazil and Mexico, Meli+ includes a full year of premium music streaming from Deezer.

Other signature Meli+ features include Flow, SongCatcher, music quizzes, free shipping to a wide range of eligible products, and access to several video-on-demand services.

“Launching Meli+ is a landmark achievement for Mercado Libre, and Deezer is playing an essential role in one of the world’s most complete entertainment and retail subscriptions,” says Sean Summers, Chief Marketing Officer at Mercado Libre. “Our subscribers will now be able to enjoy their favorite artists and discover new music experiences on a world-class streaming platform. I have no doubt that our subscribers will love what Deezer has to offer.”

“Our connection to Latin America is solid, especially with our strong market position in Brazil, and we can’t wait for more people to enjoy their favorite music on Deezer through Meli+,” adds Stephane Rougeot, Deputy CEO at Deezer. “Music engages people in powerful ways and can greatly enhance customer connection to a brand, which makes Deezer and Meli+ a perfect match. We are very proud to be a part of this momentous launch.

“It’s another great step for us in executing on our partnership strategy by delivering fantastic music experiences to new fans. With relatively low market penetration for premium music streaming in LATAM, the launch of Meli+ with Deezer holds new growth opportunities, not only for us and Mercado Libre but for the entire music industry.”

Only 13% of the population in Brazil and Mexico were subscribing to a premium music streaming service in 2022 — substantially fewer than in Europe (28%) and the United States (43%). Millions of people in Brazil and Mexico will have the opportunity to gain premium access to music streaming experiences, with Deezer as a primary benefit of Meli+.

Brazilian star Ana Castela has also been appointed the official Deezer ambassador on Meli+ and will star in upcoming joint campaigns and promotions.