Swifties Dropped a Record $26 Million on Eras Tour Film Pre-Sale Tickets in 24 Hours — AMC Tees Up ‘At Least Four Showtimes per Day’

eras tour movie
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eras tour movie
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An AMC theater, where the Taylor Swift Eras Tour movie is scheduled to begin showing on October 13th. Photo Credit: Donreál Lunkin

Fans dropped a staggering $26 million on pre-sale tickets to Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour film yesterday, according to AMC Theatres, which says that the figure marks the “highest ever single-day advance ticket” revenue in company history.

AMC disclosed the numbers behind Swifties’ app-crashing interest in the pre-sale tickets via a formal release today. Set to begin showing on Friday, October 13th, the 160-minute concert film shattered the previous 24-hour advance-ticket record, $16.9 million, achieved by Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021.

Needless to say, given the astronomical prices behind certain Eras Tour passes and the many fans who have been unable (or unwilling) to buy tickets, there’s likely a sizable number of supporters eager to settle for enjoying the show in-theater.

Additionally, it stands to reason that some diehard followers are moving to relive the concert for a comparatively low cost – especially as ticketholders can receive “a free official mini poster” when the film debuts.

Besides this free mini poster, AMC is poised to offer moviegoers an Eras Tour “official popcorn tub” ($14.99 plus tax, including a large popcorn) and a “collectible cup” ($11.99 plus tax, including a large fountain drink). Meanwhile, higher-ups went ahead and prohibited refunds to “discourage speculation on secondary-ticketing sites,” and bargain-minded customers will be unable to use “free movie passes” to obtain tickets.

In keeping with the decidedly substantial fan demand for the Eras Tour film, AMC, which operates about 900 theaters worldwide, has committed to scheduling “at least four showtimes per day on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays.”

Plus, AMC is distributing the nearly three-hour movie outside its own theaters, an arrangement resulting from already-closed “deals with major theatrical exhibitors Cinemark and Regal in the U.S., Cineplex in Canada, and Cinepolis in Mexico.”

The $26 million ticket-sale record has arrived just days after Taylor Swift added her name to the ultra-exclusive list of artists with at least 100 million monthly listeners on Spotify.

At present, Swift (100.18 million monthly listeners) and The Weeknd (109.29 million monthly listeners) are the only two acts who’ve hit the milestone – and other prominent creators, many of whom have separate streaming records to their credit, have a long way to go before they’ll cross the threshold. Bad Bunny, for instance, ranks behind The Weeknd and Swift with the third-highest monthly listenership on Spotify, at about 78.60 million listeners.

Worth noting in conclusion is that Swift, on top of prepping the Eras Tour film for an October release, is expected to drop a re-recorded edition of 1989 later that same month.