PRS for Music Expands Its ‘Nexus Program’ to Address Nagging Metadata and Data-Matching Problems

PRS for Music Nexus
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PRS for Music Nexus
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Photo Credit: Garry Jones

PRS for Music has announced the extension of its Nexus program to ensure songwriter and composer information is linked to recordings prior to their release.

With more than 100,000 new recordings uploaded to streaming services daily, creators and publishers face a challenge in making sure works are attributed properly. Metadata identifying the work (including composition and lyrics) is rarely provided to streaming services by those who upload the recordings. Sometimes it can take anywhere from months to years for songwriters and composers to be matched to their recording works—which impacts how quickly their royalties can be paid to them.

PRS for Music’s initiative is the first of its kind that aims to solve the problem by allowing those who release music to instantly generate a unique identifier for the work. The effort is supported by the International Confederation of Societies of Authors and Composers (CISAC).

Establishing the link between the identifiers for the recording, the International Standard Recording Code (ISRC), and the work, the International Standard Works Code (ISWC), is the most effective way of tracking where and when a work has been used online. By giving those uploading music a simplified way to include an ISWC, alongside the existing data they already provide to DSPs, will significantly streamline the process of collecting and paying royalties.

The new technology, delivered via a simple online tool extending the current CISAC system, will help PRS for Music to more quickly and cost-effectively maximize the value of members’ works online.

“This pioneering iniative is designed to solve a worldwide issue and revolutionize how songwriters are paid,” adds PRS for Music CEO Andrew Czapary (pictured left). “Linking ISWCs to ISRCs at the point of release is crucial and has long been an obstacle for music creators.”

“We are committed to driving the entire music industry towards a single and unified data strategy, a common rail which is built on transparency and trust. This is why we launched our Nexus program, which is aimed at moving the industry from merely discussing its data problems to solving them.”

“Incomplete or inaccurate metadata too often results in significant delays in royalty payments to creators,” adds PRS for Music’s Managing Director of Strategic Alliances and Chief Information Officer Mark Krajewski (pictured right). “The industry has long recognized the value of providing complete recording and works data at the point of release, but progress towards achieving this has been too slow. We have taken on the challenge of simplifying the process of obtaining an ISWC, removing one of the key barriers in the existing data chain.”

The project will run for six months, with PRS for Music hosting the testing and Spanish Point Technologies Ltd building a new test environment, which will interface with the existing ISWC system managed by CISAC. Upon completion, the findings will be evaluated and if successful, handed over to CISAC for continued development.