Spotify’s Rumored ‘Supremium’ Tier Will Cost $19.99 Per Month, Include HiFi, and Offer ‘Advanced Mixing Tools,’ Code Suggests

spotify supremium
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spotify supremium
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The rumored Spotify Supremium plan will reportedly include high-fidelity audio, advanced mixing tools, 30 hours of monthly audiobook access, and more. Photo Credit: Thibault Penin

Back in June, reports indicated that Spotify was prepping a “Supremium” tier – including long-awaited HiFi audio – for a 2023 launch. Now, new details about the plan, its possible price and features among them, have emerged.

An inquisitive Redditor by the name of Hypixely, who is per his or her profile a computer science student, just recently penned an in-depth post about Supremium. The involved information was identified through “a little digging within the Spotify app,” according to the OP as well as screenshots that seem to show the relevant Spotify code.

The aforesaid reports, besides noting that the streaming platform was teeing up the debut of Supremium, claimed certain Spotify premium users would receive free monthly audiobook credits starting in October.

Then, closer to September’s beginning, different sources communicated that these paid Spotify users would specifically benefit from 20 hours of monthly audiobook access at no additional cost. Bearing in mind the point, the eagle-eyed Redditor’s examination of Spotify code further uncovered evidence of the 20 hours’ worth of complimentary audiobook listening for paid users.

But Supremium (known internally as “Nemo”) will according to the same source come with 30 hours of monthly audiobook listening and “24-bit, high-fidelity sound.”

Building upon the latter title, the “HiFi” descriptor doesn’t appear in the code, which refers to the package as “Spotify’s top tier experience for the sound obsessed,” the Redditor relayed.

Also part of the reportedly $19.99-per-month package are the “ability to make playlists with AI” and enhanced library filtering tools, per the findings. These tools, the summary states, would enable one to organize saved songs “by mood, activity, and genre.”

Meanwhile, perhaps the most noteworthy of the reportedly in-the-works Supremium features (save the higher-quality audio) are “advanced mixing tools.” The tools would “let you be the DJ” and are said to include options to customize playlists’ track order by BPM, “danceability,” or through a seemingly AI-powered “‘smart order’” tool designed to craft “the best sequence using key and tempo.”

The mixing tools also encompass playlist-specific mood and genre filters, per the resource, and the ability to allow “smooth transitions” via “cue points.” Lastly, an offering called “Soundcheck” (Spotify has a plugin of the same name) would afford subscribers the chance to “learn more about” their listening habits and determine the “mix of sounds” that appeals to their unique preferences, according to Hypixely’s post.

Predictably, Spotify hadn’t confirmed or denied its Supremium plans at the time of this writing, instead opting to put out a noncommittal statement on the subject. But logic and evidence suggest that a formal announcement will arrive sooner rather than later – particularly as the platform’s major-label partners continue to clamor for higher ARPU and adjacent superfan buildouts.