What Are the Rules for AI? Music Industry Leaders Convene In Los Angeles for DMN’s Upcoming Mini-Conference

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What are the rules for AI? The role that artificial intelligence will play in the music industry is still being cemented as 2023 comes to a close, though we’re witnessing the beginnings of a roadmap. Now, it’s time to take a closer look at how AI will impact the music industry in 2024 and beyond with some of the most important players in the business.

To that end, DMN has assembled a panel of leading music industry executives to sift through the deals, decisions, and emerging rules for AI — including those already established, those in the process of being established, and what’s coming next.

We’re hosting a mini-conference and you’re invited. Here are the details.

This mini-conference offers a collection of creatives, innovators, executives, policymakers, and advocates to determine what guardrails the creative industries need in AI legislation and policymaking—as well as how to capitalize on the opportunities presented by the new technology.

When is it?

This Digital Music News mini-conference is taking place October 25 from 11 am – 2 pm PT in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and tickets are $35. Reserve your spot now to listen to different sectors of the industry discuss their collective opinions on the future of AI in the music industry — without the hassle of a multi-day conference. This isn’t a time-draining, multi-day affair: instead, swoop in and take the networking and conversation with you when you leave thanks to the more efficient format.

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Here’s what to expect.

This three-hour mini-conference will feature two separate hour-long panel discussions separated by a lunch break, with a Q&A session with all panelists. The first panel will focus on artists and the services that support them, while the second panel will focus on the administrative, legal, legislative, and policy side of how artificial intelligence will impact the industry (see panel breakdowns below).

The purpose of this industry event goes far beyond typical conference discussions, however.

Both panels will be focused on the issues and the pertinent discussion points related to AI and music. But attendees – both on-stage and off – will also be forging critical assessments and next-steps for how the music industry should approach, embrace, shape, regulate, and litigate this fast-emerging technology.

That includes specific insights and recommendations for applicable music sub-industries, including those tied to recordings (including major and indie labels), streaming platforms, music creation, artist development, song licensing, and cross-border monetization.

DMN Chief Revenue Officer Noah Itman will moderate both panels, sitting down with leading voices from the creative space, IP stakeholders, and tech companies to present a roundtable of discussion about the impact of AI on our industry as a whole.

This mini-conference will offer a comprehensive look into AI and its intersection with the music and entertainment industries. Attendees can expect discussions to include both theoretical and practical details, including specific takeaways tied to specific deals and industry sub-sectors.

 We’ll explore these questions and more with these panelists:

Group 1 — Artists & Services | Confirmed Panelists

    • will.i.am | Founder & CEO @ FYI.me & Black Eyed Peas Member
    • Nick Minicucci | Co-Founder & CEO at Immensity
    • Daouda Leonard | Co-Founder, CEO at CREATESAFE
    • Andreea Gleeson | CEO of TuneCore
    • Philippe Guillaud | CEO MatchTune
    • Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young | Grammy-Winning Producer, Founder & CEO at Hooky

Group 2 Administration & Regulatory | Confirmed Panelists

    • Mark Meikle | Co-Founder & CEO at Easy Song
    • Shannon Sorensen | SVP, Legal & Business Affairs at NMPA
    • Michael Simon | President & CEO of HFA & President of Rumblefish
    • Sherlo Esajas | Governmental Affairs Manager at BUMA
    • Bob Clarida | Partner at Reitler Law
    • Tom Clees | SVP of Federal Public Policy at RIAA
    • Marc Sazer | VP of AFM (American Federation of Musicians) Local 47 Los Angeles & President of the Recording Musicians Association

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Panelist & Moderator Bios

Andreea Gleeson is TuneCore’s Chief Executive Officer, joining the company in 2015 as a member of senior leadership. She has made significant contributions to the growth of TuneCore since joining, first as Chief Marketing Officer and most recently as Chief Revenue Officer. Under her guidance, TuneCore has established itself as one of the most dynamic and innovative companies in the independent music space, bringing great products and technology together with branding and marketing to create a best-in-class service for independent artists.

Shannon Sorensen is SVP of Business and Legal Affairs at the National Music Publishers Association (NMPA). Shannon leads copyright infringement litigations, represents music publishers’ interests in license and settlement agreements, and works on royalty rate-setting proceedings. Sorensen also helps handle NMPA’s policy work, advising on domestic legislative and regulatory matters including copyright, trade, and AI.

Michael S. Simon is the President & CEO of The Harry Fox Agency (HFA), a premier music rights management organization. He also serves as President of Rumblefish, a customized outsourced solution for music users and distributors. Since joining HFA in 2001, Simon has focused his efforts on creating new opportunities for the company and the publishers it represents through innovative licensing and administration Services programs. HFA and Rumblefish are both part of the Music Services division of SESAC Music Group, a global multi-line music company whose mission is to support creators and music distributors through a diverse set of rights management businesses.

Bob Clarida is a partner at Reitler Kailas & Rosenblatt LLP in New York, where he leads the firm’s intellectual property practice. For thirty years he has spoken and written frequently on all aspects of copyright law, including a long-running column in the New York Law Journal and a treatise published by BNA/Bloomberg. Before attending Columbia Law School, Bob earned a Ph.D. and a Fulbright Fellowship in music, and wrote music for several New York dance companies.

Tom Clees is a lobbyist and political strategist for RIAA and represents the major American record labels’ interests before members of Congress and their staffs. This work has included advocacy on issues including copyright and intellectual property protection, digital trade and content moderation, COVID-19 relief for the music community, and social justice reforms. Prior to RIAA he worked as an advisor to Senator Jack Reed (D-RI) and then-Congresswoman Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). He was a political law attorney in his home state of Arizona.

Sherlo Esajas is an experienced governmental affairs professional with a diverse and imposing career spanning over two decades. With a passion for shaping public discourse and policy, Sherlo has held key roles in both government and private sector organizations, establishing himself as a trusted strategic advisor and spokesperson. Currently he is serving as the Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs at BumaStemra, which is a prominent Dutch collective management organization that plays a vital role in the music industry.

Nick Minicucci has toured across North America as both a performer and tour manager, and has been involved in over 1K concerts. He served as a Project Manager at MIT, leading and/or participating in multiple AI and emerging tech-focused projects. He also co-founded and currently serves as CEO of Immensity – an intelligent, AI-ML-driven data studio and BI tool designed for the entertainment industry.

Mark Meikle is passionate about effectively combining technology and humanity to foster music creation and enrich music experiences. He enjoys spending time with his two daughters, Grace (6) and Lily (5), playing the piano, coding, swimming, and hiking.

will.i.am helped lead the Black Eyed Peas into the boundary-pushing music group it became. Born William Adams, he has proven he possesses a global vision mixed with years of diligent work and adaptability. ‘Styles upon styles upon styles is what I have,” the producer recalls. As a new era dawns in the world of music with artificial intelligence, will.i.am is once again positioned on the cutting edge of these tools.

Daouda Leonard is the CEO of CreateSafe, Inc., a music tech company building a GenAI production studio for artists to automate the creation, distribution and marketing of music IP. After 15 years of working on production teams for artists like Lady Gaga, Kanye West and Justin Bieber as well as managing businesses for artists like Grimes, Skrillex and DJ Snake, Daouda started CreateSafe to build software products for artists and managers to build and scale their business. Daouda has worked as a manager, publisher, producer, A&R and creative director throughout his career in the music industry. His education and corporate work experience brought him to places like Northeastern University, Tudor Investment and MIT Lincoln Laboratory where he learned about Computer Science, Management Information Systems and how to build computers for stock and equities traders.

Philippe Guillaud is the co-founder and CEO of MatchTune, a startup based in Paris and Los Angeles, specializing in using artificial intelligence to craft unique, high-quality music tailored for video content. With over 25 years of experience as a serial entrepreneur and inventor, Philippe has successfully launched and led ventures in security, biometrics, and music technology, amassing numerous patents, publications, and successful exits.

Marc Sazer is a native Angeleno, has enjoyed a long career as a violinist both in the recording studios of Hollywood and in Southern California concert halls. He has performed for innumerable film, television, recording and other media projects, from Animaniacs and Pinky & the Brain to the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and Empire, from My Big Fat Greek Wedding to Star Wars Episode IX, to sound recordings for Shirley Horn, Frank Sinatra, Randy Newman and more. Sazer is a fierce advocate for all musicians. He has spoken at and participated in numerous American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Conventions and other AFM functions. He has participated in multiple contract negotiations, contract campaigns, internal organizing efforts, labor research and legislative campaigns on behalf of musicians. For many years, he has represented Local 47 and the AFM in working on issues with the WGA, SAG-AFTRA, IATSE and other adjacent unions, the County and State Federations of Labor and elected officials on the local, state and federal level. Sazer currently serves as both the Vice President of AFM Local 47 and the President of the Recording Musicians Association (RMA), the caucus for recording musicians within the AFM.

Jordan “DJ Swivel” Young, is a Toronto-born, Grammy-winning producer, mixer and songwriter. He’s the founder and CEO of Hooky, an AI-powered music startup that puts artists in the front seat and in control of who uses their voice to create the next generation of hits, legally. An innovator at the forefront of music technology, Young’s mission is to help artists free their voice and unlock creative possibilities that were once unimaginable. “I do believe we’re entering one of the most inspiring eras to create music and connect with fans on a deeper level, and Hooky is going to elevate the culture of music and how it’s made,” he says. An esteemed music creator, Young has worked on multiple Grammy-nominated and -winning projects. He’s contributed to over 60 gold or platinum albums/singles, as well as three Diamond records, selling over 130 million albums/singles as a mixer and producer in America and over 200 million worldwide. Moreover, his work with superstar artists – such as The Chainsmokers, Beyoncé, JAY Z, Rihanna, Coldplay, Dia Lipa, Cardi B, Britney Spears, Whitney Houston, Lil Nas X, BTS and more – has left an imprint on pop culture around the world. Young resides in Los Angeles, where he continues to build Hooky and his creative body of work in the music industry.

Noah Itman has been building digital music businesses since 2011. Over the past ten years, he’s exponentially grown Digital Music News by increasing business by over 3,000% through crafting relationships with dozens of companies, investors, and executives within the music industry. A guitar player and collector, a solver of two Rubik’s cubes, and a self-described historian of rock music, Noah’s love of music is a driving force in both his personal and professional life.

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