Want More Squad Listening? Spotify Rolls Out ‘Jam’ for Realtime Collaborative Listening

Spotify Jam
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Spotify Jam
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Spotify has gone all-in on collaborative listening features. It’s rolling out a new feature called ‘Jam,’ a personalized, real-time listening session. Here’s how it works.

Spotify introduced Blend as a way to get users’ favorite music together in one giant collaborative playlist. That morphed into collaborative playlists with up to ten friends—and even some with your favorite artists. Now Spotify says it’s ready to introduce real-time listening sessions in what it is dubbing Spotify Jam.

“Jam builds on some of our popular social features and combines them with our personalization technology to take real-time listening with pals to the next level,” Spotify says about the new feature. “With Jam, Premium subscribers will be able to invite others to contribute through a shared queue and enjoy a musical experience made exclusively for everyone listening.”

How Spotify Jam Works

Spotify says the feature is rolling out to all users starting today. You’ll need to head to the App Store or Google Play to make sure you have the latest version. Premium Spotify users can start a Jam, but anyone with a Spotify account (free or paid) an join a Jam.

Spotify says inviting someone to a Jam will add songs to the queue, finding overlaps in listening preferences to deliver music recommendations “everyone will love.” The app will showcase who added a track to the queue and once you start a Jam, you can invite any mixture of people you want to the Jam. Spotify Premium listeners can join the Jam from anywhere in the world.

    1. Select a playlist or song you want to seed the Jam session.
    2. You’ll see a ‘Start a Jam’ button by clicking the speaker icon (or tapping the three dot menu).
    3. Choose a device to play on, whether that’s phone or a nearby speaker.
    4. Anyone in the household on shared WiFi will be prompted to join the Jam session when they open the Spotify app on their phone.
    5. Invite new squad members by scanning a QR code, sharing a link, or turning on Bluetooth and tapping phones together.

The creator of the Jam also has special permissions, like changing the order of tracks or removing a song that doesn’t fit the vibe. It’s also worth noting that this feature will help Spotify gather more metadata on its users’ friend groups and shared music tastes among those friend groups.