Artist Lands Track on Grammy Winner’s Album Through Remote AirGigs Collaboration

AirGigs has been a long-term partner of Digital Music News, and Digital Music News is proud to be sharing this massive announcement.
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AirGigs has been a long-term partner of Digital Music News, and Digital Music News is proud to be sharing this massive announcement.
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AirGigs has been a long-term partner of Digital Music News, which is proud to be sharing this massive announcement.

The evolution of the song “Sunny Days (Are Comin’ Once Again)” is definitely one to be remembered. Remote collaboration allowed songwriter and independent artist Greg Poulos to work with ten-time Fiddle Player of the Year and Grammy winner Michael Cleveland through AirGigs to release a new single together.

In the world of bluegrass music, collaborations are the heart and soul of artistic expression. Michael Cleveland, a renowned Grammy-winning musician, and Greg Poulos, a talented singer-songwriter, found themselves collaborating together on a new track.

The Genesis of a Track Through Remote Collaboration

At the time, still deep under lockdown during the pandemic, nobody could tour. So musicians turned to remote production, which is exactly what Michael and Greg did, leading to their paths crossing on AirGigs.

Greg Poulos was looking for a session musician to work on his new song “Sunny Days (Are Comin’ Once Again).” He connected with Michael Cleveland on AirGigs to play on his original song. Interested by the song’s bounce, swing, and blues melody, Michael quickly accepted the offer and ended up playing the mandolin, banjo, fiddle, and a bit of guitar.

What made the project all the more meaningful was the theme. Remember that this collaboration happened during the pandemic, and “Sunny Days” was full of hope. Michael Cleveland was excited to get involved; at the time, collaboration was challenging and the song spoke to the musician.

“Thanks to AirGigs I’ve been able to meet, record and collaborate with musicians and singers from all over the world,” Cleveland said. “It still blows my mind that I can receive a track from someone, in say Ireland for example, I play on it in my basement, send it back and it somehow all lines up correctly.”

“I remember Greg sent me a version with just him singing and playing guitar and I liked the song immediately. It was such a relevant song for what we were all going through and I knew that I wanted to record it if I could.”

Creating Lasting Bonds Between Artists

So the two musicians hit it off, and Michael liked the tune so much that he decided to re-record the song on his new album Lovin’ Of The Game released in 2023.

One of the unique aspects of AirGigs is its ability to create lasting connections between artists. You never know what will happen when you hire a high-caliber musician to play on your track. AirGigs wants to help artists discover each other and build their production network by working through remote collaboration.

“As a songwriter, this is a dream come true for me, especially since I don’t have time to actually record more than a vocal and guitar,” said Greg Poulos when asked about their collaboration. “There’s no way I could find time to record my songs locally with multiple studio sessions.”

”The completely unexpected bonus to all this was when Michael asked me if he could record my song for his new album. That was shocking and gave me the highest level of validation I’ve ever received as a songwriter.”

The Safe Space for Remote Collaboration by AirGigs

Considering the high-caliber artistry and enterprise buy-in on AirGigs, it’s understandable why the platform is building  towards an even more secure remote collaboration experience. Success stories such as Michael Cleveland’s and Greg Poulos’ can only happen if the infrastructure allows it. AirGigs recognizes the importance of maintaining a secure environment for artists.

The platform will soon roll out a deep verification system to create AirGigs Verified Profiles in response to this need. AirGigs aims to protect musicians and their creative works from potential fraudulent activities to keep unveiling unexpected great collaborations such as “Sunny Days.”

AirGigs has been a long-term partner of Digital Music News, which is proud to share this massive announcement.