Too Soon? AI Breakup Song for Taylor Swift & Travis Kelce Surfaces Online

AI Written Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
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AI Written Taylor Swift Travis Kelce
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Photo Credit: Adrian Curiel

Too Soon? An AI-written break up song for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce is making the rounds online. Trouble is, Taylor didn’t write the song.

Following two appearances at Chiefs games to support Travis Kelce, rumors have swirled online that the two are dating. Now a breakup song music video featuring AI-written lyrics feature an homage to the Swift/Kelce relationship that may or may not be.

Comically, even a half-intelligent AI might predict a future breakup between the pair. But this isn’t the dystopian creation of an autonomous, generative AI program — instead, it was cobbled together with voice AI laid on top of human-created lyrics.

TikTok user Will King wrote the lyrics for the AI-generated song, but didn’t produce it himself. That happened when another user took the lyrics written by King and used audio-editing software including Melodyne and Pro Tools to generate the AI-written version.

Taylor Swift has not, at least to our knowledge, written a song about Travis Kelce, nor acknowledged the relationship beyond appearing at games. While Swift may be tight-lipped about her future romantic partner, Kelce is already reaping the speculative benefits. Sales of his jersey from Fanatics have skyrocketed 400% since Swift appeared at his games.

“On Sunday, Travis Kelce was one of the top five selling NFL players,” Fanatics told NPR about its sales data. “[Kelce] saw a nearly 400% spike in sales throughout the Fanatics network of sites.” The Swiftie effect boosted sales of his jersey from 19th into the top five by Sunday—not bad for just two Swift appearances.

Here’s a quick sample of the lyrics (check out the full video below).

You stole my heart, you ‘intercepted’ it

Now you’re gone, have to accept it

Did I meet your mom too soon?

Or did I do what I always do?

Yeah, we made it to the 50, and then you kissed me;

We made it to the 40, a new love story;

We made it to the 30, and you did me dirty;

right then You put the end in tight-end;

And as I ‘touch down’ just like you in a game I’m in another town

and nothing feels the same, Wish I could go back when we met that day, whoa

and throw a flag on the play