Too Lost Now Features Directly-Embedded beatBread Financing — With Fast-Tracked Funding to Users

Too Lost Now Features Directly-Embedded beatBread Financing — Offers Fast, Favorable, and Flexible Funding to Users
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Too Lost Now Features Directly-Embedded beatBread Financing — Offers Fast, Favorable, and Flexible Funding to Users
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Photo Credit: Scottsdale Mint

Music distributor Too Lost will now feature a direct integration of beatBread — a funding platform geared towards independent artists, labels, and distributors. The two companies originally paired up in 2021, working together to advance millions of dollars of growth capital.

Too Lost is a long-term partner of Digital Music News. We’re excited to share this latest news from the company.

Building on the success of the two-year initiative, the integration brings beatBread’s chordCashAI automated advance customization tools directly into the Too Lost platform. Too Lost-distributed artists and label owners can now access fast-tracked advances, and customize their deal terms directly via their Too Lost account.

BeatBread offers advances between $1,000 to $2 million per artist, with even larger financing options offered via the beatBread investor network. According to Too Lost, available funding options will be updated automatically with each payment cycle. All advances will be repaid from a share of the artist’s streaming and airplay revenues, over a period of time chosen by the artist.

Speaking to DMN about the Too Lost integration, beatBread CEO Peter Sinclair relayed that Too Lost has been leveraging beatBread’s financial resources and technology to stimulate massive growth during the last two years. “We are excited to help Too Lost power the next stage of their growth journey.”

“We are always looking to help pro-artist companies grow. We provide flexible options that enable our partners to confidently deploy their own capital, beatBread’s capital, or a combination of both.”

Sinclair further said, “This embedded technology shows our commitment not only to fund independent artists and labels, but also to partner with innovative artist service companies who share our mission to accelerate the music industry’s rapid transition to creator independence.”

Too Lost helps independent music creators distribute, monetize, and protect their music across the globe. The indie distribution platform has distributed millions of recordings for over 250,000 artists and labels, generating over 5 billion streams per month for its users. On the back of those achievements, Too Lost has more than tripled its revenues during the last year alone.

Gregory Hirschhorn, cofounder and CEO of Too Lost, also commented on the platform’s beatBread partnership and integration, saying, “beatBread has been a significant growth catalyst for us, and we look forward to partnering with them to power this next phase of Too Lost’s growth. There’s even more coming out of this partnership in the future, so stay tuned.”

New York-headquartered music and technology company Too Lost provides SaaS solutions for indie musicians. Too Lost-distributed artists include Pink $weats, Ali Gatie, CG5, JT Music, Alina Baraz, YG, Aaron May, ILOVEMAKONNEN, and Dave East.

With the direct integration, Too Lost artists gain greater financing customization and control. beatBread’s technology allows independent labels, distributors, and artist service companies to provide deeper financial support to their artists under their own brand, and inside their own digital experiences.

The funds are advanced to artists on the basis of existing catalogs, newly-released music, and unreleased tracks.