Israeli Festival Attacked by Hamas Issues First Public Statement Following Massacre of 260+ Attendees

Israeli festival statement after hamas terrorist attack
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Israeli festival statement after hamas terrorist attack
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Photo Credit: Julia Gavrilenko

Organizers of Israel’s Supernova Music Festival have issued their first statement following the attack by Hamas terrorists that killed hundreds of attendees on October 7.

Tribe of Nova, the organizers of Israel’s Supernova Music Festival, have released their first statement following the massacre of over 200 attendees at the festival on October 7. The festival organizers posted their statement to social media in Hebrew and English.

“First and foremost, we want to convey our sincere and heartfelt condolences to all the families, friends, partners, and couples who have lost their loved ones or have been affected by the tragic events that unfolded, following that magic night and that turned into an exceedingly heavy morning,” Nova’s statement begins. “What was planned to be the happiest and largest electronic music festival of the Nova Tribue has turned into a scene of unspeakable tragedy, an inhumane war crime, an unprecedented violated of the most basic human values.”

“Last Saturday, October 7, 2023, we were brutally attacked by hundreds of terrorists; heartless, ruthless, and lacking any mercy. They murdered in cold blood hundreds of women and men, our beloved Tribe of Nova members, as well as numerous innocent Israeli civilians.”

“It was a heinous, terrifying, brutal massacre of innocent civilians from all over the country and the world, the best and most among us. This was (one of) the largest terrorist attacks in Israeli history, taking the lives of 1,400 pure and innocent souls with over 150 (remaining) missing, thousands left physically injured to varying degrees, and tens of thousands psychologically, emotionally, and mentally broken.”

Although around 260 festival attendee deaths have been reported, overall, multiple outlets indicate that the Hamas terrorist attacks last weekend killed more than 1,300 people.

“At this moment, our production team is focused on providing the right and extensive emotional and mental support to everyone involved. This is the most important thing in this moment,” Nova continues. “We are working tirelessly, day and night, conducting search and rescue operations, helping identify the victims and updating their families. Searching for those located in the disaster area, or other locations, recovering equipment from the site and its surroundings, and above all, ensuring the security of Israel.”

“This is our sole goal, and we will stand behind it and fulfill it to the best of our abilities. We will not stop. We are present at the disaster site and its vicinity day in and day out, working hand in hand with security forces and authorities to help find answers and bring back all that those who can return to their families and friends.”

“In the meantime, it’s essential for us to convey the following message: Our strength lies in our unity! We are in a war for our home, and it’s essential that we all come together, strengthen each other, and unite under one great, shining light to overcome this dark period as quickly as possible.”

“We send infinite love and a massive embrace to all Tribe of Nova members and all around Israeli civilians, the injured, the affected, and the families of the deceased and the missing,” Nova concludes. “Wishes for a peaceful and safe week and good tidings for all of the people of Israel, both in the land and across the world.”

At around 6:30 AM on October 7, Hamas terrorists entered the festival site in Re’im, Israel, and began killing attendees with machine guns and RPGs. Approximately 260 of the 3,000 attendees were massacred, with hundreds more injured. Individuals close to the festival estimate that around 150 attendees were also taken hostage.

Hamas attacked other areas near the festival site and the Gaza border, and Israel has responded by bombing Gaza. Over 1,300 deaths have been reported from multiple outlets.