Universal Production Music Launches Claim-Free Subscription Library, ‘Universal Music for Creators’

Universal music library subscription
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Universal music library subscription
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Photo Credit: Universal Production Music

Universal Production Music launches ‘Universal Music for Creators,’ a claim-free subscription-based library providing content creators with over 50,000 pre-cleared music tracks and 200,000 sound effects at an all-inclusive price.

Universal Production Music, a division of Universal Music Publishing Group, has launched Universal Music for Creators, a new subscription music licensing service that provides content creators with claim-free music and sound effects to use in online videos at an all-inclusive price.

The subscription model provides creators with unlimited access to Universal Production Music’s pre-cleared music and sound effect library starting at $5.99 per month. Powered by a team that prides itself on continually sourcing and creating sounds to meet the dynamic needs of content creators, the program contains over 50,000 quality tracks and 200,000 sound effects.

In launching Universal Music for Creators, Universal Music Publishing Group becomes the first major publisher to offer a subscription program with access to pre-cleared tracks, enabling creators to add music and sound effects to videos or podcasts without copyright claims.

“Universal Music for Creators delivers our unparalleled production music library to content creators everywhere for the first time,” says Jody Gerson, UMPG Chairman and CEO. “Innovative programs like this exemplify why Universal Production Music continues to lead the industry.”

“We’re thrilled to become the first major publisher to offer production music to content creators as a subscription service and grow the accessibility of our music catalog,” adds Jane Carter, President of Universal Production Music. “With a brand heritage that signifies trust, quality, and prestige, Universal Music for Creators will provide affordable, hassle-free music and sound effects for the most imaginative creators. We are excited to provide yet another innovative opportunity to support our talented production music songwriters and composers.”

Universal Music for Creators allows users to find the right tracks with ease, with over 80 updated playlists tailored for creator content, curated by seasoned TV and film music directors. Creators can download safe-to-use music for their digital videos, create playlists, and build soundtracks using stems.

The premier catalog boasts more tracks and sound effects than any other claims-free subscription service, previously only available to TV and film industries. The new subscription service offers a variety of plans to cover the needs of online creators wanting to grow their channels with claim-free music and sound.