XITE Expands Reach in the Netherlands with the Launch of Two New Channels on Samsung TV Plus

XITE Samsung TV Plus
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XITE Samsung TV Plus
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Photo Credit: XITE

Music video platform XITE announces an extensive partnership with Samsung TV Plus, launching its first new channels in the Netherlands.

Music video platform XITE has announced an extensive new partnership with Samsung TV Plus, presenting two new channels in the Netherlands and expanding the company’s reach in the region. Users can access the channels on Samsung TV Plus, available for free on Samsung Smart TV models from 2017 and later. The launch is an important step for XITE in its mission to strengthen its position among global music video platforms.

XITE has made a name for itself over the last couple years in various international markets alongside Samsung TV Plus, beginning with channels in North America, the UK, Germany, and Austria in 2021. Earlier this year, the company launched its first channels in the Netherlands — but the new partnership expands the platform in the region with the launch of two new channels: XITE Ultimate Throwback, and XITE Christmas.

XITE Ultimate Throwback features a carefully curated playlist of timeless classics and unforgettable hits from decades past, offering a nostalgic trip through music history. XITE Christmas brings the biggest holiday hits, both contemporary and classic, to get listeners into the festive spirit. The XITE Christmas channel will transition into XITE R&B Classic Jams in January, featuring a selection of the greatest R&B hits of recent decades.

“(XITE on Samsung TV Plus) has been taken to the next level with the launch of these new channels. Building on the foundation of our existing channels, we eagerly look forward to further growth and continued success in our partnership with Samsung TV Plus,” says Cees Honig, co-CEO of XITE.

“XITE is a fantastic partner for Samsung TV Plus, bringing the music of well-known international and local artists to users across Europe,” adds Jennifer Batty, Samsung TV Plus’ European Head of Content Acquisition. “These two new channels take this further, giving Samsung TV Plus viewers access to an even wider range of free content to enjoy.”

Since its debut in 2008, XITE now reaches over 100 million households in Europe, North America, Latin America, and Australia through linear networks, interactive TV, and on-demand streaming services. XITE has access to virtually all available music videos through agreements with all major and top independent music labels.

The company aims to provide the best music video experience in the world, revolutionizing the way audiences experience music videos by allowing viewers to search, like, and skip through its catalog. Users can enjoy curated channels, and curate channels themselves based on genre, era, and visual style using XITE’s Mixer feature.