Daniel Johns Brings Global Hit Publishing Catalog to BMG, Including Silverchair Classics

Daniel Johns
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Daniel Johns
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Photo Credit: BMG

Decorated artist-producer Daniel Johns has signed a global publishing deal with BMG, including the entire Silverchair catalog.

Celebrated artist and producer Daniel Johns has signed a global publishing deal with BMG that covers the entire Silverchair catalog. BMG now represents the Australian musician for publishing and records, after releasing his sophomore solo album FutureNever, ARIA’s highest-selling new Australian album of 2022 — the only Australian album in five years to hit No. 1 twice.

The worldwide deal takes place immediately and includes all of Johns’ compositions on FutureNever, with his catalog of global hits including “Straight Lines,” “The Greatest View,” “Ana’s Song,” “Freak,” “Tomorrow,” and many others that will revert into the deal in 2025.

“There is nothing without a heartbeat that I value more than my songwriting catalog,” said Daniel Johns. “Bringing my life’s work as a composer to BMG signifies the level of faith I have in this company and their people. From the podcast to the album, the exhibition, and forthcoming featurette film, BMG have proven themselves to be the most ambitious and revolutionary music company in the game.”

“From my compositions on Frogstomp to FutureNever and everything in between, my songs belong at BMG. I’m truly grateful to be in a position to sign the most important deal of my career with them.”

The deal marks the latest chapter in Johns’ alliance with BMG. In 2021, BMG conceptualized and executive produced the Spotify Original Podcast “Who Is Daniel Johns?” The podcast was No. 1 in Australia for five consecutive weeks while also charting in the US, the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Brazil, and Ireland. In 2022, BMG not only released Daniel’s album FutureNever but also developed the award-winning Past, Present, and FutureNever immersive exhibition in Melbourne’s Rialto building.

“Daniel is the most ARIA-awarded artist of all time, a Grammy and Emmy-winning composer, and has won the APRA Songwriter of the Year award a record three times. He has written global hits for multiple projects across four decades, and with FutureNever he broke every ARIA sales record of 2022,” said Jodie Feld, BMG Senior Creative Director, Australia & New Zealand.

“Daniel is a true multi-talent and musical icon. It’s an honor for the whole BMG team to expand our relationship with Daniel and to have the opportunity to work across not just a record, but a podcast, film, exhibition, and now his iconic publishing catalog.”