Jungkook Sets Single-Day Album Sales Record As ‘Golden’ Moves Over 2 Million Copies on Release

Jungkook vs Jungkook
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Jungkook vs Jungkook
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Photo Credit: Min Kyung-bin / CC by 3.0

Building upon the well-documented streaming success of “Seven” and “3D,” Jungkook moved north of two million copies of his debut solo album, Golden, on the day of its release, according to South Korean chart data.

This and other commercial milestones entered the regional media spotlight after being identified by the Hanteo Chart, which maintains a frequently updated Twitter account. As we reported last week, Jungkook’s “Seven,” having released as a single in July, topped one billion Spotify streams quicker than any other track in history.

Meanwhile, “3D” racked up a sizable number of plays in its own right prior to the release of Golden, which encompasses 11 tracks (including clean and explicit versions of “Seven,” however) and runs roughly 32 minutes.

Now, the mentioned source has revealed that Golden, which became available to fans on Friday the 3rd, sold 2.15 million copies on day one – a Hanteo Chart record – and built upon the results with a small improvement over the weekend.

Golden also topped Hanteo’s physical chart for November’s opening week, besides securing the uppermost spot on the weekly world chart, per relevant data. Shifting to Spotify’s Global Top 50 chart, “Seven” occupied the top position today, followed by “Standing Next to You” (the third and final single for Golden).

Additionally, “Seven” was ranked second on the same chart for Japan, whereas “Standing Next to You” climbed to 20th on Spotify’s Top 50 U.S. chart, immediately above Bing Crosby’s rendition of “White Christmas” and beneath Drake’s “First Person Shooter.”

The Stockholm-based platform has further placed eight Golden tracks on its 10-spot “Top Songs Debut Global” chart for November 2nd through the 5th.

Looking forward to the admittedly far off 2025, when BTS is expected to reunite, it’ll be interesting to see whether Jungkook’s newfound solo following translates into an expanded fanbase for the seven-piece act.

Though other BTS members are embarking on successful solo careers of their own, 26-year-old Jungkook, who’s poised to appear on The Tonight Show this evening, currently boasts more Spotify monthly listeners than the group itself.

Shorter term, Golden will, of course, boost the Q4 2023 and 2024 financials of Hybe, which last week reported over $403 million in third quarter revenue. Also set to drive potential growth in the new year are the K-pop girl group Hybe’s forming with Universal Music, Overwatch 2-partnered Le Sserafim, the record-setting Seventeen, and an entirely new act about which little information has thus far been made available.