More Layoffs Hit Amazon Music Following Amp Shutdown: ‘Some Roles Have Been Eliminated’

amazon music layoffs
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amazon music layoffs
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A new round of layoffs has reached Amazon Music, Amazon has confirmed. Photo Credit: Dylan Gillis

A little over one month following live-radio app Amp’s shutdown, Amazon is making a new round of cuts on the audio-entertainment side, this time affecting an undisclosed number of Amazon Music employees.

Word of these latest layoffs at Amazon, which has trimmed approximately 27,000 team members during the past year, entered the media spotlight in a report from Reuters. Per the outlet as well as an Amazon rep, the personnel reduction has specifically impacted Amazon Music.

And while the precise extent of the cutback is unknown, as mentioned, higher-ups reportedly informed staff based in North America, Latin America, and Europe alike of the unfortunate news yesterday. At the time of this writing, none of the now-former Amazon Music professionals appeared to have addressed the subject on LinkedIn, and it’s unclear which positions have been affected.

“We have been closely monitoring our organizational needs and prioritizing what matters most to customers and the long-term health of our businesses,” a company spokesperson acknowledged in a brief statement. “Some roles have been eliminated on the Amazon Music team. We will continue to invest in Amazon Music.”

Besides the initially noted shutdown of Amp, which had only launched a “limited-access U.S. beta” in March of 2022, Amazon’s sizable 2023 layoffs have reached a number of roles at Twitch. The latter entity’s latest reduction, reportedly far smaller than a March of 2023 layoff round, was revealed towards October’s beginning.

Notwithstanding the less-than-ideal Amazon Music news, the service’s parent today also unveiled a multifaceted deal to (among other things) present the 2024 edition of Mexico’s Vive Latino music festival.

Scheduled to take place in Mexico City in March, the multi-day happening will benefit from “several innovations” that Amazon is prepping for Amazon Music, according to the Spanish-language release put out by the ecommerce giant.

The deal with Vive Latino has arrived about a week following the announcement of a Black Friday Amazon Music Live show from Garth Brooks. Expected to air free for non-Prime members as well as those without Amazon accounts, the performance is just the newest in a series of livestream-focused investments for the Life Is Beautiful streamer Amazon Music.

Lastly, Amazon Music is hardly alone in making layoffs, which have to this point in 2023 likewise hit industry companies such as Spotify, SoundCloud (as one component of a profitability push), TikTok’s music unit, and Bandcamp (which now belongs to Songtradr), to name a few.