Got a YouTube Copyright Claim? YouTube Is Now Streamlining the Process

youtube copyright claim
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Photo Credit: YouTube

Got a YouTube copyright claim? The company is making efforts to streamline the process while steering creators toward its Creator Music to mitigate the amount of infringing content that appears on the platform.

YouTube is making efforts to streamline its copyright claim process, providing more options in the hopes of helping creators amend their uploads when a copyright claim (or “copy strike”) is submitted. The changes will also alert creators of multiple claims in a single notification instead of presenting each claim as a separate email, further helping creators to quickly and easily amend their uploads.

These changes will be implemented within YouTube’s copyright claim notification emails, which will incorporate multiple claims within one message instead of sending a new notification for each claim. The email will include a set of steps to take to amend the infringing content or otherwise rectify the issue, including a link to YouTube’s Creator Music to help replace infringing audio.

YouTube is drawing more attention to its Creator Music, the company’s ever-growing catalog of high quality music that creators can use without losing monetization. This, coupled with its streamlined claim process, aims to mitigate the amount of infringing content that appears on YouTube in the first place while more adequately addressing it when it does.

Users can access Creator Music inside YouTube Studio. Some tracks can be licensed upfront, enabling creators to retain full monetization, while others may be eligible to share revenue with rights holders. Creators can preview songs and save them to their library, with usage details available for each track to make it easy to tell how a song can be used.

In YouTube’s continued efforts to improve its copyright claim system, the company also implemented an education-based process for repeat rule-breakers to help them avoid further removals and bans. Creators can also check their content through a pre-publish check process to detect potential violations before they upload the content.

Mistakes will still happen, and there will always be users who deliberately try to upload infringing content. But YouTube’s various options and updates to the system have undoubtedly made it easier for creators to avoid potential violations in their content while streamlining the process for rights holders when they need to file a claim.