Apple Music Replay 2023 Is Live — Here’s Everything You Need to Know About the Personalized Listening Recap

apple music replay 2023
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Apple Music’s Replay is live, complete with personalized recaps of listeners’ total song consumption, top tracks, and favorite artists for 2023. Photo Credit: Mariia Shalabaieva

Apple Music Replay 2023 is officially live – here’s a look at how you can access your listenership summary and what to expect from the year-end consumption recap.

The Apple-operated service just recently rolled out this year’s Replay, which has arrived at approximately the same time as Spotify Wrapped and only a week or so prior to the planned release of TikTok’s own music highlights for 2023.

Read on for important information and useful details about Apple Music’s 2023 Replay.

How to Access Apple Music Replay 2023

A shortcut to Apple Music Replay is currently featured on the homepage of the streaming service’s app. Tapping the appropriate icon (labeled “Replay and share your year in music”) takes you to an external webpage containing the personalized consumption breakdown.

Alternatively, users can navigate directly to this webpage,, to reach Apple Music Replay 2023.

How Does Apple Music Replay Compare to Spotify Wrapped?

Similar to Spotify Wrapped, Apple Music Replay includes a variety of personalized information about subscribers’ listening throughout the year.

Additionally, both streaming platforms have shed light upon the artists, albums, and tracks that attracted the most overall interest on the year; DMN has covered the top-performing works of 2023 for Spotify as well as Apple Music.

What Does Apple Music Replay 2023 Include?

The main component of Apple Music Replay is a “highlight reel” set to your favorite music from the year. Accessible via an icon on the aforementioned webpage, the video montage displays total listening time in minutes, top artists and songs, play totals for the latter, and preferred genres.

Beyond the main highlight reel, an Apple Music Replay dashboard enables users to view more comprehensive stats about their top artists (including listening minutes for each), top songs (with exact stream counts), and genres.

Can Apple Music Replay Stats Be Shared With Others?

As in previous years, Apple Music and Spotify are prioritizing shareability for Replay and Wrapped, respectively. For listeners on the former platform, texting and/or posting to social media images of 2023 listening info is as simple as tapping the upload icon featured on the relevant dashboard image.

Tapping the conspicuous button on the dashboard’s top artists tab, for instance, will then bring you to a page with options to save, text, and/or export the automatically cropped and framed image at hand.