Central Cee’s Girlfriend Madeline Argy Found Fame Because of a Worm — Now She’s Building an Influencer Empire

Many believe Madeline Argy rose to viral fame because of her rumored relationship with UK’s sensational rapper, but there’s so much more to Madeline Argy than being Central Cee girlfriend.
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Many believe Madeline Argy rose to viral fame because of her rumored relationship with UK’s sensational rapper, but there’s so much more to Madeline Argy than being Central Cee girlfriend.
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Photo: Instagram @madelineargy

Central Cee girlfriend Madeline Argy’s accelerated rise on social media is credited to a worm — a worm that unexpectedly found home inside her sister’s leg. When Argy told the tale on TikTok, she didn’t expect her comical storytelling style to become a viral success. The video clocked 5.7 million likes, and bumped her followers across TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. 

Now, Argy has 4.8 million followers on TikTok and 1.8 million on instagram. She has also scored a ‘Pretty Lonesome’ podcast deal with the highest-paid female podcaster on Spotify. Her USP? Raw, unfiltered, brutally-honest storytelling.

Argy’s fans religiously tune in as she speaks of her anxieties and GenZ issues from the front seat of her beat-up car.

However, there’s a reason the world outside TikTok doesn’t know much about Argy. Central Cee — or ‘The Cench’ as fans call him — might be the first British rapper to get over a billion streams on Spotify, but the 25-year-old is a private man. The mastermind behind hits like ‘Doja’ and ‘Let Go’ suffers from ‘survivors’ guilt’ for getting rich and famous. 

As a result, Central Cee’s girlfriend — British influencer, TikTok star, and podcaster — is a mystery.

Many believe Madeline Argy rose to viral fame because of her relationship with UK’s rapper. However, there’s much more to Argy than being Cee’s girlfriend. 

A graduate of the University of Kent, Argy has scored brand ambassador deals with platforms like Spotify.

Her fanbase is rising for a reason. Argy’s TikTok videos revolve around her culinary exploits, comical stories, intimate admissions, embarrassing moments. Her fanbase tunes in because she speaks like she’s chatting to a friend.

In August, Central Cee’s girlfriend was among the first two talents to score a podcast deal with Alex Cooper’s ‘The Unwell Network.’

For context, Alex Cooper’s Call Her Daddy podcast is Spotify’s biggest woman-led podcast deal. It cost the streaming giant more than $60 million for a three-year agreement.

Madeline Argy brings her podcast ‘Pretty Lonesome’ to the Unwell Network, from ‘her bed, car, or whatever she’s alone that week.’ It features Madeline’s exploration of unspoken conversations ‘we have with ourselves.’ It touches on topics like anxiety, imposter syndrome, sexuality, and mental health.

Speaking about the partnership with Argy, Alex Cooper said, “Madeline is one of the few creators who can keep an audience engaged for hours.”

Owner of a bulldog named Bugs and two rabbits, Central Cee girlfriend Argy is one of the fastest-rising stars on TikTok and YouTube. She is on the road to building an influencer empire — one that’s not dependent on her rapper beau and his success.

Somewhere around 2022’s summer — Argy was propelled into headlines paired with the Cench. In September 2023, Argy appeared on Alex Cooper’s breakout Call Her Daddy podcast to speak about her on-again off-again relationship. That admission has left fans are wondering whether Cee and Argy are still ‘on.’

For some clarity on the matter, the couple was last seen together on November 15th, 2023. They were chatting to Ed Sheeran at an afterparty for singer-songwriter Passengers’ headline show in Islington.

Argy, who could at this time be Central Cee ex-girlfriend (though we doubt it) first posted on TikTok in March 2021. The platform launched internationally in 2018.

TikTok has since given rise to a plethora of digital artists with a devoted following. The short-form video sharing platform has launched several pathways for creators to make money — Creator Fund, Creativity Program, TikTok Pulse. However, TikTok creators have to rely on earnings from sponsorships, live streams, and brand deals.

When TikTok’s $2 billion Creator Fund launched three years ago, it sounded life changing. But it quickly became clear that users were going to have to keep their day jobs. Creators like Central Cee girlfriend Argy would rely on sponsorship deals and livestreams to make money.

Unlike YouTube, which has a robust ad platform based on sharing ad revenue percentages for longer videos, TikTok’s foray into splitting actual ad dollars with influencers is fairly new.

But with TikTok’s new Creativity Program, influencers are finally able to bank relatively larger payouts

The Program pays users ‘higher average gross revenue’ for Tiktok videos that are longer than one minute. So after turning the social media world on its head with short-form video, TikTok is now stepping into its competitors’ space with long-form video.

This aggressive push toward long-form is an attempt to keep TikTok creators from moving to its competitors.

Early participants in the program have scored huge paydays, with some US creators reportedly banking five figures in a single month. At this time, the Creator Program is only available in the US. But British influencers like Argy will soon be able to capitalize on the latest ad revenue sharing system.

Speaking in 2023 about her raw content, Argy admitted she regretted sharing some of the more intimate stories.

“Maybe I regret sharing some of the TMI stuff. but nothing I’ve ever done in my personal life has made me a bad person. Some of it’s embarrassing and overly personal, but none of it was ever wrong. What’s the worst that can happen?”