Jaxsta Officially Rebrands As Vinyl Group, Intends ‘To Become the Heartbeat of An Equitable Music World’

jaxsta vinyl group
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jaxsta vinyl group
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Vinyl Group’s CEO, Josh Simons. Photo Credit: Vinyl Group

Credits database Jaxsta has officially changed its name to Vinyl Group and outlined an ambitious goal of establishing itself as “the heartbeat of an equitable music world.”

Jaxsta formally announced the pivot to Vinyl Group (ASX: VNL) today, with shareholders including Songtradr having approved the new name at an annual meeting towards November’s end. For additional background, February saw the Vinyl.com parent Jaxsta unveil a deal to acquire industry-focused social network Vampr, and the latter’s founder, Josh Simons, then became CEO of Jaxsta in June.

Now, Vampr, Vinyl.com, and Jaxsta itself are jointly operating as Vinyl Group, which intends to aid “creators from bedroom to turntable.” On this front, Jaxsta remains “committed to solving the industry’s metadata problem,” while Vampr is poised to continue assisting its 1.3 million musician users on the promotion and monetization sides, Vinyl Group indicated.

Amid ongoing commercial growth for the namesake format, Vinyl.com, for its part, will keep on working “to replicate the sensory experience of ‘crate-digging’ that all treasure-hunting record collectors crave,” the renamed company relayed.

Addressing the fresh name and objectives, Vinyl Group’s aforementioned head, Josh Simons, highlighted his broader goals for the “suite of transformative products” at hand.

“This new identity is more than just a name change,” Simons communicated in part. “It represents a unified vision for our future – a future where our technology and products are more interconnected, offering an enriched experience for our clients and users.

“Through e-commerce, social network platforms and a proprietary database of official credits, Vinyl Group’s suite of transformative products will continue to connect and empower all participants of the music ecosystem. Our unwavering commitment to support artists, power the industry, and engage fans is the driving force behind our efforts,” he concluded.

And in comments of her own, Vinyl Group chair Linda Jenkinson highlighted the board’s perception of the revamped operation.

“The Board has backed this new evolution for the Company, which sees Vinyl Group launch as a new, global brand dedicated to making, enjoying and monetising music,” said the veteran business professional Jenkinson. “We are confident that this exciting new era will see three businesses working together to celebrate music, foster relationships and enhance value for Jaxsta, Vampr and Vinyl.com.”

Also part of the team behind Vinyl Group, which has rolled out a new website as well, are CFO Jorge Nigaglioni, CMO Alli Galloway (previously part of Warner Music Australia), CPO Jessy Trengove, and tech lead Chris Lowe.