Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee Becomes the Latest Celeb to Face Sexual Assault Accusations

Motley Crue Tommy Lee sexual assault allegations
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Motley Crue Tommy Lee sexual assault allegations
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Photo Credit: Joel Telling / CC by 2.0

Mötley Crüe’s Tommy Lee latest to face sexual assault accusations — an anonymous woman alleges he ‘forcibly groped, kissed, and penetrated her’ during a helicopter ride in 2003.

Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee is the latest musician to face sexual assault accusations after an anonymous woman filed a lawsuit against him, alleging he assaulted her during a 2003 helicopter ride.

According to the complaint filed in Los Angeles on Friday by a Jane Doe, Lee allegedly “forcibly groping, kissing, and penetrating her” and “attempting to force her to perform oral copulation” during a helicopter ride in 2003 to which she was “lured” by the rocker’s personal pilot. Representatives for Lee have not immediately responded to media requests for comment.

The woman says she met David Martz in 2002 while working as a teller at a San Diego bank he frequented. After befriending her, Jane Doe says Martz offered to take her for a ride in his helicopter, and eventually she took him up on the offer for what she was told would be a sightseeing trip. But when Doe arrived at the San Diego airfield, she says Martz told her of a last-minute change of plans — Tommy Lee would join them, and they would take him to Los Angeles.

“Within a matter of minutes of being airborne, Martz pulled out alcohol he had stored in the helicopter and began to mix drinks,” writes Doe, who also says that both he and Lee were snorting cocaine and smoking cannabis throughout the trip.

After Martz told her to “just relax” when he saw she wasn’t drinking, Jane Doe says that she was “ordered” to the cockpit to sit on Lee’s lap “to get a better view.” She says she felt “immense pressure,” and agreed to come up front, where Lee began to grope and kiss her. When she tried to pull away, she alleges that Lee “became more forceful” and “penetrated her with his fingers.”

“Lee then pulled down his pants and attempted to force plaintiff’s head toward his genitals. By this point, plaintiff was in tears, but she had nowhere to go — she was trapped with little mobility to leave the cockpit,” reads the complaint, which adds that Martz “merely watched,” and said nothing to her when he dropped off Lee and flew the plaintiff back to San Diego.

After the incident, she says she did not speak with Martz for several years aside from a brief call in 2009.

The plaintiff says she didn’t initially report the incident because she didn’t think authorities would believe her. However, she says in the lawsuit that she feels this wasn’t an isolated incident, and that Martz and Lee “had a history of engaging in indecent and illegal conduct on Martz’s helicopter.” Unfortunately, Martz died in 2015 following an aircraft accident.

Tommy Lee has had his fair share of legal troubles throughout the years, including an infamous incident in 1998 after he beat his former wife, Pamela Anderson, while she was holding the couple’s two-year-old son. Lee pleaded no contest to the charges against him and spent six months in jail.