BMG Acquires Alain Chamfort’s Recorded Music Catalog

BMG Alain Chamfort
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BMG Alain Chamfort
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Photo Credit: L to R: Marine Chevreux (BMG Manager Legal & Business Affairs), Elena Mezzadri (BMG Marketing Manager), Gilles Bressand, (Lawyer), Alain Chamfort, Sylvain Gazaignes (BMG Managing Director France), Marc Thonon (Artist Manager), Jean-Valère Albertini (BMG Director A&R), Claire Hindermeyer-Cayez (BMG Senior Director Legal & Business Affairs)

BMG has announced it has acquired the recorded catalog of French pop singer and composer, Alain Chamfort. Here’s the latest.

This marks the company’s second catalog acquisition in France this year, following the acquisition of Martin Solveig’s recorded catalog in October 2023. In addition to this deal, Chamfort has chosen BMG for his future recordings as well.

The acquisition includes the majority of Chamfort’s recorded catalog, comprised of 13 albums and including the studio albums Poses, Amour Année Zéro, Tendres Fièvres and Secrets Glacés. It also includes some of the singer’s biggest hits, including “Manureva,” “La Fièvre Dans Le Sang,” and “Géant.”

“My music has found a new home with BMG, and I’m excited for the next chapter in the common hope that my songs will continue to resonate and connect with audiences,” Alain Chamfort said about the deal.

“Acquiring Alain Chamfort’s catalog is a significant milestone for BMG, reflecting our commitment to preserving and promoting musical legacies in France and beyond,” added Sylvain Gazaignes, BMG Managing Director France.

In January 2024, Alain Chamfort and Sébastien Tellier will release a 4-track EP via BMG entitled Alain Chamfort produit par Sébastien Tellier. That EP will be followed by a new studio album, L’Impermanence, to be released in March 2024. L’Impermanence will be the cap on Alain’s career, spanning fifty years. BMG also has plans to reissue the great albums of Chamfort’s career.

Born Alain Le Govic in Paris in 1949, Alain Chamfort began playing the piano even before he went to school. He started his music career as a pianist in bands and as a backing musician for French stars of the ‘70s. He then embarked on a solo career and released his first hits as a singer. In 1977 he released his album Rock’n Rose, a major French album of the ‘70s and one that marked the start of collaborations between Alain Chamfort and Serge Gainsbourg.

Alain Chamfort is one of French pop’s most accomplished artists, who has maintained a steady long-term career, steadfast through changing fashions and is an example of top-notch songwriting and constant artistic renewal.