Macao Taps Singaporean Rapper J.M3 to Extol Its Virtues as WMG Singapore Pulls the Strings

WMG singapore J.M3
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WMG singapore J.M3
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Photo Credit: Hoong Qi Hao / WMG Singapore

Macao taps Singaporean rapper J.M3 to extol its virtues, with WMG Singapore pulling the strings.

Singaporean rapper and songwriter J.M3 is joining forces with Warner Music Singapore, TripAdvisor, and the Macao Government Tourism Office to promote the city of Macao. The campaign, called “More Than Meets Macao,” features a series of videos and interviews with J.M3 as she discusses her impressions of the city and attractions she thinks are a must for travelers, including museums, art venues, and other cultural attractions.

At the campaign’s core is J.M3’s latest release, a pop-rap track called “You Make Me Feel” that fuses elements of the Jersey club sound. Crafted during her visit to Macao, the song “artfully captures the allure” of the city, and serves as a soundtrack. Together, TripAdvisor and the Macao tourism office will leverage the song and utilize their platforms to raise awareness and generate interest in tourism in the city.

“I’m honored to be part of this incredible partnership that combines music, travel, and the enchanting city of Macao. My trip was an amazing experience, where I discovered a perfect blend of Eastern and Western influences in the region’s architecture and cuisine,” says J.M3.

“Immersing myself in Macao’s vibrant culture inspired my music and deepened my appreciation for the city’s unique allure. I’m grateful for the chance to share the magic of Macao through this harmonious fusion of music and travel.”

“We are excited to partner with the Macao Government Tourism Office on this innovative collaboration. J.M3’s energetic and dynamic sound, along with her unique musical approach, perfectly aligns with the theme of this video series,” adds Becky Yeung, Regional Brand Partnership, Synchronization & Business Director of Warner Music Asia.

“The Macao Government Tourism Office specifically chose J.M3 for her ability to bring a fresh perspective to visiting Macao. Together, we aim to create an unforgettable musical and visual experience for travel enthusiasts worldwide.”

“The right music can elevate the travel experience in a powerful way, inspiring potential visitors, and creating memories that resonate long after the journey ends,” concludes Adam Ochman, Global Head of Wanderlab at TripAdvisor. “We wanted to create a campaign that enhanced the anticipation and excitement surrounding Macao and believe this release from J.M3 provides the perfect soundtrack for prospective visitors.”