Spotify Keeps Crashing on Android Following Latest Update

Spotify keeps crashing on Android
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Spotify keeps crashing on Android
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Photo Credit: Adrien

Spotify keeps crashing on Android following the December 30 beta update in the Play Store. Here’s the latest.

Android users in Spotify’s beta program have noticed the Spotify app crashing since the end of the year. The December 30 beta update for Spotify on Android is causing the app to crash whenever you try to open it. So what gives?

Fortunately, the issue seems to only be limited to the Android beta update version, issued on December 30. With no fix in sight, users started reporting the problem on social media and trying different troubleshooting steps like uninstalling and reinstalling the app.

While none of the usual troubleshooting methods seemed to correct the problem, users were just glad to see they weren’t alone in experiencing it.

“I tried clearing the cache, re-logging, and even reinstalling the app, and nothing worked,” writes a user named Jerry on Twitter. “My app doesn’t open up; I just get a black screen (that) hangs for a few seconds.”

Some users suggested side-loading an older version of the Spotify app on their device. But for everyday users, a more reliable option would be to go to the Play Store and leave the Spotify beta program until they issue a fix. From there, users should uninstall the beta app, then reinstall Spotify using the stable live version.

It’s important to note that uninstalling Spotify will delete any content downloaded for offline use, so users with a large offline listening repertoire may want to make a note of what they’ll want to have Spotify re-download to their device.

The problem should now be resolved as of the latest beta update, so any users who have left the beta program to correct this issue while waiting for an update should be safe to re-download the beta version.

Beta programs like Spotify’s are a great way for users to test new features in an app before the wider release of an update. But they can also come with their share of problems; this isn’t the first time the beta version of Spotify for Android has created crashing issues.

This time around, unlike in August when a similar issue emerged, there seems to have been no way around the crashes while still using the beta version until Spotify released an update.