Sinclair Taps Roxi for Interactive Music TV Channels

Sinclair ROXi music tv broadcast
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Photo Credit: ROXi

Broadcast company Sinclair Inc. is partnering with ROXi to introduce interactive TV music channels, revealed at CES 2024.

As part of the deal, three new interactive music TV channels will launch in the United States including the ROXi Music channel, the ROXi Music Video Karaoke channel, and the ROXi Music Games channel. The channels will utilize ROXi’s FastStream technology and NextGen TV to allow broadcast TV viewers on connected TVs to pause, play, and skip music videos without needing to download an app on TV.

These channels will be America’s first fully interactive broadcast TV channels as a strategic partnership between globally licensed music streaming company ROXi and U.S. broadcaster Sinclair Inc. The new channels will change how millions of Americans perceive broadcast TV, giving linear TV channels the same interactive features of a downloadable TV app.

“Our partnership with Sinclair will revolutionize what broadcast TV means for millions of households across the U.S.—viewers will get instant access to TV music channels that feature the interactivity and capabilities of a music app, without having to download or launch an app,” adds ROXi CEO Rob Lewis.

“Our viewers will be able to pause, play, and skip on broadcast TV for the first time. It is a true revolution in linear TV, and we’re bringing it to homes across America with Sinclair in 2024.”

According to ROXi, research has revealed a strong consumer appetite for free interactive music TV channels, karaoke and music games. 77% of consumers think free interactive TV channels are an interesting feature when asked about it in selecting their next TV for purchase.

ROXi is hosting sneak previews of its NextGen TV interactive music channels at CES in Las Vegas from January 9-12. Aside from these channels, ROXi is also launching a new downloadable free ROXi TV music app on several smart TV platforms including Samsung, LG, Roku, Vizio, Sony BRAVIA, Amazon Fire TV, Comcast, Google TV and Android TV.