Don’t Miss DMN Pro’s Q1 Mini-Conference: ‘Missing Payments? A Look at Loss Prevention in Music’

missing payments music royalties
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missing payments music royalties
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Digital Music News’ second deep-dive into the music industry, part of our DMN Pro premium offering, pulls back the curtain on missing payments, lost royalties, and what can be done to claw back what’s owed to artists and rights holders.

Missing Payments, A Look at Loss Prevention in Music’ goes far beyond simply finding missing royalties. This is the first music industry event to plunge into the complex web of fraud, metadata, and artist compensation problems — while pointing to possible solutions in 2024 and beyond. This mini-conference is happening on Wednesday, January 24th at 11 am PT / 2 pm ET and offers three panels with incredible insight into music administration in 2024.

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The ‘Missing Payments: A Look at Loss Prevention in Music’ mini-conference will feature three panels focusing on points where loss occurs in the music industry distribution and payment chain.

These points are transparency in music and solving the metadata debacle, streaming fraud and manipulation, and user-generated content (UGC) platforms and their complex licensing agreements. In each panel, foremost industry experts offer their unique insights and information on where things stand in 2024.

Here’s a quick rundown of who’s speaking at each panel:

Transparency Panel

  • Jeff Price | Co-Founder & CEO of World Collections
  • Jack Cyphers | Founder of Border Box Consulting
  • Ryan Edwards | CEO of Audoo
  • Edward Ginis | Founder & CEO of OpenPlay

Fraud Panel

  • Andrew Batey | Co-Founder at Beatdapp
  • Nermina Mumic | CEO of Legitary
  • Abby North | Founder of Unchained Melody Publishing LLC

UGC Panel

  • Virginie Berger | Chief Business Development & Rights Officer at Matchtune
  • Ryan Born | Founder of HAAWK and Identifyy
  • Alexander Baynum | Business Development, A&R for

As Virginie Berger explains, music rights are often divided among numerous stakeholders, record labels, and music publishers. Each party holds specific rights—from performance, mechanical, or synchronization rights.

That division of rights creates a convoluted network of royalty payments and rights management that may lead to disputes and delays in payment for any one of these categories. That ultimately impacts the financial well-being of artists and companies alike.

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