TikTok Is Reportedly Testing a 30-Minute Upload Limit As Aggressive Long-Form Expansion Continues

tiktok video length limit
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tiktok video length limit
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TikTok is reportedly preparing to increase its maximum video length to 30 minutes. Photo Credit: Collabstr

Evidence suggests that TikTok is once again preparing to increase the maximum allowed length of video uploads, this time to 30 minutes.

The ByteDance-owned service’s newest video-length pivot came to light in a LinkedIn post from self-described social media consultant Matt Navarra. Most widely known for its short-form clips, of course, TikTok has for some time been testing the long-form waters, including with a 10-minute cap and, for select premium content, a 20-minute limit.

Additionally, upon rolling out a revamped “Creator Fund” in February of 2023, TikTok made clear that “creators must create and publish high-quality, original content longer than one minute” in order to receive the involved compensation.

Now, the aforementioned post from Navarra indicates that a 30-minute limit is imminent for TikTok, which seems to have already started testing the feature.

“Introducing 30 minutes video,” reads the text of what appears to be a TikTok screenshot. “You can now upload videos up to 30 minutes long!”

While the individual behind the scoop said he’d pinpointed the appropriate page within the “TikTok beta app,” the platform itself hadn’t officially confirmed the news via a formal release at the time of this writing. Consequently, it’s unclear when exactly the 30-minute cap will go live and precisely which creators will have access.

In any event, it goes without saying that the development marks a further departure from TikTok’s exclusively short-form model of old and more closely aligns its offering with that of YouTube. Meanwhile, the latter’s Shorts answer to TikTok reportedly boasts a massive userbase in its own right.

With reports having already elaborated that some diehard TikTokers are less than thrilled with the app’s embrace of ecommerce, time will tell whether a large collection of longer uploads causes certain users to lose interest in the service.

Bringing the focus back to the music space, the length increase has followed TikTok’s December “In the Mix” concert, which streamed live and included sets from acts such as Cardi B and Anitta. A record 33.5 million viewers reportedly tuned in on TikTok (across the original showing and three rebroadcasts, that is), and an hour-long special featuring highlights from the shows subsequently arrived on Hulu and Disney+.

Especially with the previously noted TikTok Shop buildout and TikTok’s continued music investments, one needn’t stretch the imagination to see how the 30-minute upload limit could set the stage for more on-platform concert videos and other comparatively in-depth content from artists.

Earlier in January, different reports claimed that TikTok was testing an AI song generator, after data in December revealed that the platform had seemingly hit another consumer-spending milestone.