Exclusive Sneak Peek at Grammys 2024 Stage Design

Grammys 2024 stage design
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Grammys 2024 stage design
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Photo Credit: Juliana Bernstein

Take a peek at the Grammys 2024 stage design, paying homage to the award show’s iconic gold-plated gramophone statuette.

The 66th Grammy Awards returns to Los Angeles’ Crypto.com Arena on Sunday, February 4, featuring a stage designed by Yellow Studio — the studio’s third consecutive year working with The Recording Academy. Inspired by the iconic gold-plated gramophone statuette for which the award and its ceremony’s name are derived, the 2024 Grammy Awards stage design is about celebrating the “unique and diverse voices of the global music community.”

Since its inception in 1959, the gramophone statuette has become a globally recognizable symbol of outstanding achievement in music. Yellow Studio has aimed to create a contemporary and monumental interpretation of that symbol for this year’s stage design.

In their approach to designing the stage, Yellow Studio placed a 20-foot-tall mirrored gramophone at center stage, establishing a grand focal point. Upstage is a video screen over 100 feet across that flies to reveal a continuation of the gramophone as circular lightbox rings.

The circular shape of the gramophone continues as a dominant motif throughout the stage design. Curved stairs cascade from the main stage into a softly colored nominee area to create an immersive experience for both audience and artists.

“I am honored to unveil Yellow Studio’s modern and bold approach to this year’s Grammy Awards stage,” said Julio Himede, Founder of Yellow Studio. “Our design pays homage to the long legacy of the show and celebrates the making of music with a 20-foot-tall monumental gramophone at center stage. The grand circular shape will crown the winning artists and commemorate their achievements.”

“Knowing that the iconic gramophone would be the central focus of the stage, I wanted to create a visual that would harmonize with it and the rest of the set design,” said Australian artist David McLeod, with whom Yellow Studios collaborated to design the bespoke CG artwork for the ceremony.

With the gramophone as the focal point in mind, McLeod created a digital artwork comprising metallic ripples radiating outward from the gramophone, representing sound waves propagating through the air and anchoring the visual to the environment.

“Designing for such a large screen, I set out to create a piece that is organic and soothing, yet still dynamic and engaging. After exploring a few different directions, we ultimately landed on this particular treatment — a visual representation of sound waves and sonic energy,” McLeod explains.

The 66th Annual Grammy Awards broadcasts live on Sunday, February 4, from the Crypto.com Arena in Los Angeles on the CBS Television Network, streaming live and on demand on Paramount+ at 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET. The Grammy Awards Premiere Ceremony will be held at Peacock Theater at 12:30 PM PT, streamed live on the Grammy website and the Recording Academy’s YouTube channel prior to the telecast.