Music Reports Acquires Licensing & Data Platform Blokur — With Music Metadata In Mind

Music Reports Blokur
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Music Reports Blokur
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Photo Credit: Blokur

Music Reports acquires music licensing and data platform Blokur, leveraging the strengths of both to provide a wider suite of services to clients.

Independent music rights admin platform Music Reports has announced the acquisition of music licensing and data platform Blokur. The deal will leverage the strengths of both entities to provide a more robust set of services to a wider array of clients.

Music Reports provides a comprehensive suite of services for all musical composition rights types, including mechanical, public performance, and sync rights in over 200 territories worldwide. With a particularly strong foothold in music publishing rights administration, Music Reports has distinguished itself from its peers by its Songdex music rights registry and solutions to rights challenges across streaming and beyond.

Blokur has brought a suite of services and music metadata matching technology to market, highly complementary to Music Reports’ offerings, with a team of accomplished rights experts and technologists.

“To meet the needs of Music Reports’ rapidly growing list of top-tier customers, we are continually improving and scaling our global solutions for music rights,” says Jeremy Verba, Music Rights CEO.

“Blokur will help Music Reports accelerate our matching, registrations, and reporting to enhance our industry-leading platform and surpass our customers’ expectations. By integrating Blokur’s technology, Music Reports will also introduce powerful new tools for the rightsholder community,” adds Michael Shanley, VP and GM of Audio Services at Music Reports.

“We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished in the last eight years at Blokur and look forward to augmenting Music Reports’ royalty payout processes and content identification systems,” concludes Phil Barry, Blokur CEO. “Joining forces with the team at Music Reports allows us to scale our technology platform and deliver for the next generation of companies seeking to include music in their offerings.”

Founded in 2015, Blokur is a music data and licensing platform centered around connecting music to “the next generation of online experiences.” The company works with music rights owners of all sizes, and online platforms ranging from startups that could be future social media household names to existing major players across gaming and fitness.

Blokur’s platform is built on unique data matching and rights identification technology that enables rights holders to be paid accurately while making it easier for digital platforms to gain access to a wide variety of music.