James McCartney Releases ‘Beautiful’ Ahead of Upcoming EP Release

James McCartney
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James McCartney
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Photo Credit: Mary McCartney

James McCartney announces the release of his highly anticipated track, ‘Beautiful,’ ahead of the release of his upcoming EP.

Singer-songwriter James McCartney, practically the spitting image of his father, Paul McCartney, has announced the new release of his highly anticipated track, “Beautiful,” on February 23, ahead of his forthcoming EP release in late 2024. Handling the distribution details on the release are earthprogram and Virgin Music Group.

The song was conceived in 2014 after the release of his debut album the previous year, with James reuniting with producer David Kahne for “Beautiful.” McCartney plays an array of instruments on the track, including vocals and guitar, for a song the pair describe as “new folk.”

“It’s the diversity of reactions that adds a layer of richness to ‘Beautiful’s’ impact, characterized by its vocal style described as casual yet emotional,” says Kahne. “With layers of feeling beneath the surface, it’s a truly unique and subjective experience for each listener.”

James McCartney’s music has been described as a unique blend of melodic pop and introspective lyrics reminiscent of his father’s iconic style, while also echoing the folk-rooted indie sound of artists like Ray LaMontagne and Damien Rice. James sees himself as “a musician who’s trying to keep on keeping on in this diverse world, but feeling the love.”

James McCartney is a multi-instrumentalist and prolific singer-songwriter in his own right. His signature melding of folk rock and psychedelic music with smart hooks has garnered a strong and devoted fan base. McCartney has built a robust international profile for himself through touring the US, the UK, and Europe.

James McCartney has contributed to solo albums by both of his parents, including Flaming Pie and Driving Rain by Paul McCartney, and Wide Prairie by his late mother Linda. His first full-length album, Me, dropped in 2013, co-produced by his father with a track featuring Paul’s guitar and backup vocals. His second album, The Blackberry Train, was released in 2016.

“Beautiful” debuts on February 23, 2024, with an EP release planned for later in the year.