American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Says Still No Deal With AMPTP — But Negotiations Are Happening

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Photo Credit: Dylan McLeod

The American Federation of Musicians (AFM) President Tino Gagliardi has issued a statement after its first week of contract negotiations with the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers (AMPTP).

“The first ten days of negotiations with the AMPTP concluded at the end of last week without us reaching an agreement,” Gagliardi says. “However, while we have not resolved our core issues of streaming residuals and protections against AI or addressed key issues such as wages and other contractual protections, sufficient progress has been made that we have scheduled two additional negotiation dates at the end of February.”

“This negotiation is about getting our fair share, and we’re not going to stop until these contracts include better compensation, and industry-standard and sustainable streaming residual, wage increases, health care improvements, and protections against artificial intelligence so our sound and/or image cannot be captured or used without consent, credit, and compensation.”

“We are fighting for the future of our industry and are proud to have the full backing of fellow unions: IATSE, SAG-AFTRA, Writers Guild of America, and the Teamsters. We look forward to continuing negotiations on February 21 & February 22.”

As the AFM began negotiations with the AMPTP, several Hollywood unions showed solidarity, as both the Writer’s Guild and SAG-AFTRA strikes resolved last year. “All of Hollywood labor deserved to share in the value of what they create,” WGA West President Meredith Stiehm said in January 2024 in support of AFM. “WGAW members stand with AFM as they bargain for a fair contract.”

“We will never forget how AFM musicians used their incredible talent to uplift our members on picket lines throughout our 148-day strike,” added WGA East President Lisa Takeuchi Cullen. “Now as they head into negotiations with the AMPTP, we stand firmly by the side of every musician who records, performs, or prepares music for film and television. AFM members deserve a fair contract that recognizes and respects the irreplaceable contributions they bring to our industry.