Warner Music Group is Working On a ‘Superfan App’ Launching Later This Year

Warner Music superfan app
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Warner Music superfan app
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Photo Credit: Warner Music Group

Warner Music Group CEO Robert Kyncl reveals that the company is working on a ‘superfan app’ to be released later this year.

Robert Kyncl, Warner Music Group CEO, took part in the Web Summit technology conference in Qatar this week, in a session called “The Artist, the CEO, and the Future of Music.” He was joined onstage by Moroccan artist Nora Fatehi, who recently signed a global recordings deal with Warner Music Group (WMG), to discuss developments surrounding artificial intelligence, record labels, and the role of technology in the future of the music industry.

Among the topics discussed, Kyncl revealed that WMG is working on its own “superfan app” to capitalize on the as-yet largely untapped potential of superfans in the music industry. “Something we’re working on at Warner is these direct-to-superfan experiences,” Kyncl said, noting that he “firmly believe[s] in the power of the superfan.”

“I’ve assembled a team of incredible technology talent from Google and Stripe and Instacart and lots of other great technology companies who are working on a superfan app, where artists can connect directly with their superfans,” says Kyncl. “[Superfans] are generally the people that consume the most and spend the most,” and WMG is “focused on making sure that artists get data on these superfans.”

“Music is omnipresent, it’s everywhere. Artists want to work with every single platform; they don’t want to optimize just for one platform over another. So a solution like this for superfans has to be a cross-platform solution. We, as a record label, are in a perfect position to do that,” he continued.

Kyncl laid the groundwork for some of WMG’s focuses in 2024 during his New Year note to company staff in January, where he unveiled WMG’s long-term strategy for the year, which he dubbed “The Year of the Next 10.”

“Both artists and superfans want deeper relationships, and it’s an area that’s relatively untapped and under-monetized,” he said in his New Year note. “The good news is that we already have initiatives in flight against most of these areas, and specific projects with momentum behind them.”

At Tuesday’s summit, Kyncl revealed that WMG’s work on its new superfan app is “quite advanced,” with an official launch due later this year.