Warner Music and Tips Industries Limited Expand Their Partnership

Warner Music Tips Industries partnership
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Warner Music Tips Industries partnership
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Photo Credit: Warner Music Group

Warner Music expands its partnership with Mumbai-based Tips Industries Limited, giving Warner global access to Tips’ extensive music catalog.

After a successful partnership lasting over three years, Warner Music has announced the expansion of its partnership with Mumbai’s Tips Industries Limited, a leading music label in India. The new deal will see Warner Music take on the commercial and distribution responsibilities of Tips Music’s frontline and catalog music, spanning 23 Indian languages and over 30,000 songs.

Warner Music has been the exclusive distributor of Tips Music’s 13,000-plus Hindi catalog since 2020, having played an important role in growing the company’s Bollywood soundtracks on an international level. With its global teams, Warner Music has offered specialist commercial support across various DSPs, pitching and landing key playlist spots across frontline and catalog releases.

Tips Music reported a 27% year-over-year increase in revenue in its Q3 earnings statement, and is known for its immense success in the Bollywood market. The company owns the majority share of local film soundtracks from the ‘90s and continues to shine as a major music label in India.

“Warner Music has been our trusted partner for the last few years and it has worked very well for both of us. It is with great pleasure that we announce an extension of the existing partnership into a much wider global distribution deal. It is the beginning of a larger partnership between both companies,” said Kumar Taurani, Managing Director of Tips Industries Limited. “With Tips Music’s ‘Must Have Hits’ catalog and Warner Music’s distribution strength, we envision Tips Music to become one of the top three music labels in India.

“We thank the Warner Music board, its leaders, and the teams for believing in Tips Music and our vision for the market. This strategy and partnership is in line with our commitment to our esteemed stakeholders and investors.”

“Over the last few years, Warner Music has enjoyed access to Tips Music’s amazing Hindi catalog and been able to offer unique sales support, which has seen us successfully promote its Bollywood soundtracks to a global audience,” added Alfonso Perez-Soto (pictured), President of Emerging Markets at Warner Music. “We’re now able to tap into even more incredible music, and our teams around the world will be looking to connect Tips Music’s artists and songs with more international fans. At Warner Music, we believe we can be a major force in further growing Bollywood music’s popularity around the world.”

“We are excited to partner with Warner Music and extend our deal to a much larger scale, at a national and global level. The audiences on various international and Indian streaming services will now be able to stream our music,” said Hari Nair, CEO of Tips Industries Limited. “Most importantly, this deal also enables us to distribute our music to the world’s largest social media platform, Meta. Overall, this partnership will improve distribution of our content, thus enhancing revenue for our company. We look forward to engaging and working more closely with Warner Music.”

Girish Kumar, COO of Tips Industries Limited, concluded: “Today, we have signed an important strategic deal with Warner Music, who have been a brilliant team to work with. This distribution deal allows us to focus more on our core competency — finding new talent, building our own music, and acquiring more film music content. Our vision back in the 1980s was ‘To Introduce Promising Singers’ — what TIPS as a brand stands for. Our artists will benefit from the best via this massive distribution deal. Artists partnering with us, and powered by Warner Music, will be truly global.”