Taylor Swift Brokered a Bizarre Exclusivity Deal With Singapore, Report Claims

why is Taylor Swift only touring in Singapore Southeast Asia
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why is Taylor Swift only touring in Singapore Southeast Asia
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Photo Credit: Paolo Villanueva / CC by 2.0

Singapore brokers an exclusivity deal with Taylor Swift to prevent her from taking her Eras Tour to other Southeast Asian countries.

Taylor Swift’s sold-out six-night stand in Singapore kicked off on Saturday, and it turns out the city-state will be her only stop in Southeast Asia for the Eras Tour. Singaporean authorities reportedly brokered a deal to ensure that the global superstar wouldn’t take her record-breaking Eras Tour to other territories in the region, and now representatives in Thailand and the Philippines are calling it out.

On Wednesday (February 28), Philippines lawmaker Joey Salceda called on the country’s Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to protest against the grant authorized by Singapore’s government in exchange for Taylor Swift’s agreement not to perform in other Southeast Asian countries during her world tour, according to The Straits Times.

“Some $3 million in grants were allegedly given by the Singapore government to AEG to host the concert in Singapore,” said Salceda. “The catch was that they do not host it elsewhere in the region.”

“[This] isn’t what good neighbors do,” Salceda adds. “Our countries are good friends; that’s why actions like that hurt.” He explained that while the grant significantly boosted Singapore’s economy, “it was at the expense of neighboring countries, which could not attract their own foreign concertgoers, and whose fans had to go to Singapore.”

Meanwhile, Salceda’s criticism comes on the heels of Srettha Thavisin, Thailand’s prime minister, revealing the fact that Singapore brokering the deal meant Swift wouldn’t be able to take the Eras Tour to nine territories within the Association of Southeast Asian Nations — including Cambodia, Vietnam, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Brunei, and Myanmar.

Thavisin told Sky News that promoter AEG informed him of the agreement after he questioned why the world tour would not be stopping in his country. Swift has never performed in Thailand, but was scheduled to do so in 2014 before political turmoil in the region led to her canceling.

Taylor Swift’s six shows at Singapore’s 55,000-capacity National Stadium kicked off on March 2 and continue through March 9. Her stop in Singapore is expected to provide significant economic benefits to the city-state, as with every region in which Swift has taken the tour; the Australian leg of the tour raked in a $558 million boost to the economy, according to Forbes.