Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group Scores Catalog Deal With Roxy Music Frontman Bryan Ferry

bryan ferry iconic artists group
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bryan ferry iconic artists group
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A live performance from Bryan Ferry, who’s sold an interest in his work to Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group. Photo Credit: Eva Rinaldi

Irving Azoff’s Iconic Artists Group (IAG) has acquired an interest in the work of Roxy Music frontman Bryan Ferry.

IAG disclosed this latest investment today, after unveiling a reportedly $100 million deal for the music IP of Rod Stewart – besides its access to another $1 billion to bankroll future acquisitions – in February. The more recent play is said to encompass a 50 percent stake in 78-year-old Ferry’s recordings, publishing catalog, and name and likeness rights.

And while the transaction’s precise value hasn’t been publicly identified, it has been noted that the agreement extends to Ferry’s work with the Rock Hall of Fame-inducted Roxy Music as well as his solo projects.

On this front, Roxy (which reunited in 2022) has released eight studio albums, beginning with a self-titled debut project in 1972 and concluding with 1982’s Avalon. Among the group’s especially well-known tracks are “Love Is the Drug” (1975), a cover of John Lennon-penned “Jealous Guy” (1981), and “More Than This” (1982), with both originals having been written by Ferry.

Shifting to the solo side, Ferry’s released 16 studio albums (the latter three of which dropped via BMG), the newest being 2018’s Bitter-Sweet. (2022 brought an EP entitled Love Letters, however.) The two-time Grammy nominee’s commercially prominent original efforts include “Slave to Love” (1985) and “Kiss and Tell” (1988), to name some, while his covers catalog features 2007’s Dylanesque, Wilbert Harrison-penned “Let’s Stick Together” (1976), and many others.

Addressing Iconic’s latest investment, Azoff Company co-president Beth Collins touted the professional achievements and cultural impact of Ferry.

“Bryan’s unique voice and genre-defying music have earned him a place among the most influential artists of our time,” communicated Collins. “We are honored to work with him to ensure his legacy continues to inspire and resonate with audiences.”

“I’m pleased to be working with everyone at Iconic on finding new ways to share my music with the world,” Ferry added in remarks of his own. “I’m excited to see what possibilities unfold.”

IAG’s pact with Ferry marks the newest in a long line of early 2024 music-IP deals, which may well be fueling a record-setting year. To close out February – following Sony Music’s reportedly $600 million or more catalog tie-up with the Michael Jackson estate – Pophouse Entertainment purchased a majority interest in the recorded revenue and publishing of Cyndi Lauper.