Chartmetric SmartFilters Help Narrow the Music Discovery Gap—Here’s How

Chartmetric Smart Filters
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Chartmetric Smart Filters
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How can you discover the next big music hit before it winds up on the radio and the Spotify Billions Club playlist? With 120,000 new tracks released on DSPs per day, it’s like trying to find a needle in a haystack. That’s why Chartmetric has its new ‘magnetic’ feature—Smart Filters powered by AI.

The following comes from Chartmetric, a company DMN is proud to be partnering with.

Chartmetric’s new Smart Filters quickly parse written prompts in 10+ languages into highly-customizable filters to make music discovery easier than ever. As a Premium Chartmetric user, you can now find out who is trending now on Spotify in the Afrobeats genre, or narrow your search to regional areas for booking and touring. Chartmetric’s highly customizable data filters are now more accessible than ever thanks to this feature.

“At Chartmetric, we have always challenged the status quo. Thanks to new technology, our innovation, our large database, and insights from our customers, we have taken the next leap in talent discovery.” – Akash Mukherjee, VP of Product Management.

How Chartmetric Smart Filters Work

Smart Filters make it easy to find new music acts in the discovery phase, before they’ve gone viral on TikTok or hit millions of Spotify streams. Finding these artists is as simple as typing the phrase ‘R&B artists trending on TikTok’ to search for R&B artists who have reached a certain metric that you define on TikTok.

Want to view developing talent under a million streams? Refine Chartmetric’s filters to a specific range and you’ll have narrowed the list from 50,000 artists down to around 5 to 10. The ability to sort through data using natural language processing changes the game for discovering new talent as its emerging.

At its core, Chartmetric’s Premium product combines a lot of unstructured metadata and analytical data from the music industry, and puts structure around it to aid decision analytics for artist & track discovery.

“Our Artist List has 10M artists and 100+ filters. That’s a lot of power for a lot of our advanced users. But with a lot of power, also came some complexity, specially for our less-technical users. Choice paralysis can be a pain. Today, we have taken that complexity away with Smart Filters, while retaining all the power,” continues Akash.

Smart Filters transform the artist discovery workflow for A&R, booking & touring, music supervisors and more by allowing a quick-scan of more than ten million artists across more than 100 data attributes. Chartmetric leverages AI and natural language processing to understand filtering instructions written in plain language:

  • Afrobeats artists trending on TikTok
  • Artists with 25% increase in streams on Spotify in Austin, TX
  • Artists who released a song in the last 12 months
  • Artists with small YouTube presence but skyrocketing Instagram engagement

With the search process of artist discovery simplified, it’s now easier than ever to see who is trending in which genres on a daily and weekly basis. Track their progress on social media like TikTok and Instagram and see how exposure there translates to more streams on Spotify and other digital streaming providers with Chartmetric.