AFM Musicians Ratify Motion Picture Agreement—Here’s a Peek at the Deliverables

AFM Musicians ratify motion picture agreements
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AFM Musicians ratify motion picture agreements
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Photo Credit: AFM Musicians (Central Florida Association)

The American Federation of Musicians of the United States and Canada (AFM) has ratified the Basic Theatrical Motion Picture and basic Television Motion Picture Agreements contract, according to details shared with Digital Music News this morning.

The new agreement was unanimously recommended by the bargaining committee and represents a significant victory for musicians who work in film and television. The contract is tailor-made with new media in mind and delivers a comprehensive package of benefits for AFM members.

  • Streaming Residuals | Musicians will now receive residuals for content made for streaming—acknowledging the increasing importance of streaming platforms in the entertainment industry.
  • Enhanced Healthcare | New healthcare contributions on content made for streaming, providing greater financial security for musicians and their families.
  • Performance Bonus | A performance bonus for working on the most successful streaming shows, further recognizing the crucial role musicians play in captivating audiences.
  • AI Protections | The contract incorporates new protections to safeguard against the encroachment of generative artificial intelligence (gen AI), providing compensation for musicians when their performances are used in conjunction with AI tools, and ensuring human creativity remains at the heart of the industry.

“This agreement is a monumental victory for musicians who have long been under-compensated for their work in the digital age,” relayed AFM International President & Chief Negotiator Tino Gagliardi.

“It wouldn’t have been possible without our members’ unwavering strength and unity, along with the tireless organizing efforts that led up to this historic contract. Their dedication was instrumental in achieving a favorable agreement after just 12 days of negotiations.”

The contract sets a new standard for musicians working in film and television, ensuring fair compensation, improved working conditions, and a secure future in the face of evolving technologies. AFM reached a tentative agreement with the Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers (AMPTP) back in February after contract negotiations began in January.