Get Ready for K-Pop to Save Cinema This Year (Thank You, Taylor Swift)

K-pop cinema
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K-pop cinema
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Photo Credit: Trafalgar Releasing

Trafalgar Releasing and CJ 4DPlex have just inked a partnership to deliver a series of four K-pop concert experiences in cinemas this year after the phenomenal success of Taylor Swift’s in-theater experience.

Global cinema distributor Trafalgar Releasing has teamed up with CJ 4DPlex for the launch of a strategic partnership to produce and deliver four K-pop cinema releases worldwide this year, utilizing a combination of ScreenX / 4DX / Ultra 4DX, and traditional cinema locations.

The partnership follows the phenomenal success of Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour as an in-theater experience with AMC Theatres, which itself follows the 2018 debut of Trafalgar Releasing’s BTS box office show. The company has since generated over $120 million in box office revenue from K-pop releases.

The first project to launch the partnership is “aespa: World Tour” in cinemas, a special presentation capturing aespa’s acclaimed global tour, Live Tour 2023 SYNK: Hyper Line, which will screen in over 45 countries on April 24 and 27. The additional three titles will be announced throughout the year.

“We are delighted to reaffirm our robust relationship with Trafalgar Releasing,” said Jong Kim, CEO of CJ 4DPlex. “CJ 4DPlex’s production expertise, special formats, and global network alongside Trafalgar Releasing’s excellence in event cinema distribution continues to expand the realms of cinema and fan culture alike.”

“Building on our deep and established relationship working alongside CJ 4DPlex on theatrical releases for artists including Coldplay, Blackpink, and NCT Nation, we are excited to announce a four-film production and distribution deal in the K-pop genre, starting with the theatrical release of aespa next month,” said Marc Allenby, CEO of Trafalgar Releasing.

“K-pop has firmly established itself as a dominant force in event cinema, and we are eager to expand opportunities for the genre to flourish. With our commitment to investing in the co-financing of these projects, we aim to fully maximize their long-term prospects.”

Trafalgar Releasing distributes event cinema releases to over 130 countries worldwide, ranging from high arts like the Royal Opera House, award-winning theatre productions, legacy music acts, and international musicians including Billie Eilish, Metallica, Dolly Parton, and many more in 2023 alone. The company recently handled the distribution of Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour, and Renaissance: A Film by Beyonce across Europe, Asia, and South America in partnership with AMC Theatres.