IFPI Names Victoria Oakley CEO: ‘The Right Skills and Experience to Help the Global Industry’

ifpi ceo
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ifpi ceo
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The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry has named Victoria Oakley (pictured) CEO. Photo Credit: IFPI

The International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI) has officially named a new CEO: former Google global director of public policy Victoria Oakley (née Dean).

The IFPI announced Oakley as its head via a formal release today, after revealing in July of 2023 that Frances Moore would step down as CEO. Having started in the position in 2010, Moore retired when 2023 wrapped, at which point CFO John Nolan and chief legal officer Lauri Rechardt took the reins on an interim basis.

Nolan and Rechardt are set to continue leading the recorded industry representative until Oakley comes aboard in June. The exec, who most recently served as CEO of Portland, has already had her name and picture removed from the leadership section of the website behind the “fully integrated communications consultancy.”

The IFPI, which, like Portland, is based in London, also took the opportunity to highlight Oakley’s experience and career high points, including the aforementioned executive role at Google.

Additionally, Oakley spent close to two decades in the British Diplomatic Service. Of course, government policies regarding AI companies’ training practices, adjacent name and likeness rights, and more remain a key industry focus.

Addressing her appointment in a statement, Oakley touched on the current “rapid evolution with new technology” as well as a corresponding need to confront “new challenges.”

“I’m delighted to be joining IFPI and leading the global team as it continues its work to create the best possible environment for music worldwide,” communicated Oakley. “The sector is once again experiencing a period of rapid evolution with new technology creating both exciting opportunities and new challenges. We must continue to stand up for the rights of those creating and investing in music in order to secure its incredibly exciting future.”

Predictably, the heads of the major labels – Universal Music, Sony Music, and Warner Music – provided straightforward statements in support of the appointment.

“I’m pleased that Vikki is joining the IFPI during this dynamic time for the music industry,” weighed in UMG CEO Lucian Grainge. “Vikki brings the right skills and experience to help the global industry tackle important issues and opportunities collaboratively and with a fresh vision. We look forward to working with her.”

“We are delighted that Vikki will be representing our global industry at a time of great change and transformation,” added SME CEO Rob Stringer. “Her decades of expertise combined with strong relationships around the world, will help us ensure music is recognized for the value it deserves and artists are always put first.”

“As our industry rapidly evolves,” relayed WMG’s Robert Kyncl, “it’s vital we continue to build an environment where investment in talent thrives, and technology helps creativity flourish. Vikki is a great choice to help lead the global campaign for the rights of artists and those who back them, and I’m excited she’s bringing her expertise and experience to IFPI.”