Mae Graf Is Embracing Vulnerability With New Single “I Like Me Better This Way”

Photo Credit: Mae Graf
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Photo Credit: Mae Graf
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Photo Credit: Mae Graf

Across the world, we fall in love with various styles of music because music, unlike other mediums, drives a vibratory spear of emotion through our hearts that we can almost physically embrace. Within the language of pop music, artists like Mae Graf understand this intrinsic power, lacing their melodies with tales of personal growth and resilience.

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With her latest single, “I Like Me Better This Way,” Graf opens up a dialogue about human relationships’ intricate complexities and never-ending ups and downs, especially in the face of betrayal and rejection.

An exceptionally soulful reflection on the torture of betrayal, “I Like Me Better This Way,” almost doesn’t belong being written by a pop artist, as its heartfelt narrative speaks to anyone who has nursed the wounds of being let down by those they trusted. Graf’s poignant lyrics and expressive vocals craft an overall atmosphere of raw emotion, pulling listeners in like a vortex and allowing them to fully empathize with her journey. This relatability makes Graf’s music so powerful, as it speaks to our own experiences of heartbreak and resilience.

The new single, born out of Graf’s own experiences, directly addresses the aftermath of losing a close friend and the overwhelming confusion that immediately shadows one’s every move afterward. Her lyrics agonizingly express the feelings of not understanding what went wrong yet still finding the strength to embrace oneself despite saturation in heartache and pain.

Throughout her career thus far, Graf’s music has undergone a musical evolution as “I Like Me Better This Way” shows a much different side of Graf’s musical artistry than her debut single “Barbie.” While her first single was a wonderfully upbeat and catchy pop anthem, “I Like Me Better This Way” strips away all the added production, allowing Graf’s vocal arrangement to take center stage. This dramatic shift in style showcases Graf’s incredible versatility as an artist and inspires us to embrace change and explore new musical territories.

Since erupting onto the scene, Graf has been elevating through the ranks of a rising star. Her journey has served as the destination where writing became her vessel for releasing her deepest emotions. From journaling to songwriting, her music reflects her vulnerability, soul, and most intimate experiences.

Inspired by some of the most legendary icons like Gracie Abrams and Taylor Swift, Graf’s impossible-to-ignore raspy vocals and dynamic storytelling prowess evoke notable shades of Avril Lavigne and Phoebe Bridgers, enveloping her emotional sound in a nice blanket of nostalgia. Her enigmatic indie-pop sound, stamped by passionate melodies and introspective lyrics, genuinely places her in a realm of her own as she draws from personal experiences and a wide array of influences.

As Graf’s music continues to evolve in myriad ways, she stands as a true artist relentlessly dedicated to every facet of her craft. Through her inspiring and innovative sound, Graf aspires to leave a long-lasting impact on pop music and the music industry as a whole. Her latest single, “I Like Me Better This Way,” shows her musical ability and undeniable talent for connecting with her listeners profoundly and emotionally. This aspiration to make a lasting impact is a beacon of hope for the future of music.

“I Like Me Better This Way” is fresh air and irrefutable evidence of music’s power to heal and inspire. Graf invites listeners to embrace their deepest vulnerabilities and find strength in their most challenging struggles.

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