Diddy Posts Cryptic ‘Steady in the Storm’ Video as Legal Issues, Federal Charges Await

Diddy Live Nation cryptic video
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Diddy Live Nation cryptic video
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Photo Credit: Live Nation

Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs shares a cryptic new video on social media as he faces multiple legal issues and potential federal charges.

With numerous lawsuits filed against him and potential federal charges looming, Diddy has every right to be concerned. But the disgraced music mogul took to Instagram to share a cryptic video to tell the world just how “not hysterical” he is.

In his first post on the platform since April 15, the video begins with a camera moving down a white hallway, before showing Combs hugging someone. An unknown voice narrates: “Not hysterical. Not frantic. Not anxious. Not fretful.”

Diddy is then seen standing in a circle holding hands with other people, in what may be a prayer circle, with the camera far back so as not to show anyone’s faces. Then Combs is seen standing on a windy beach, as the narrator says, “But steady in the storm. Looks bad, looks tough, but remains steady in the storm.”

If the video didn’t try so hard to say how unbothered Combs is, perhaps it would carry a little more weight. The fact remains that the “I’ll Be Missing You” star is facing numerous allegations of sexual assault in multiple lawsuits, and potential charges stemming from the recent federal raid on his homes.

Combs has settled several of the lawsuits, including the one that started it all, filed by Cassie Ventura. But the 54-year-old is still facing lawsuits from Liza Gardner, Joi Dickerson-Neal, music producer Rodney Jones, and an anonymous Jane Doe.

Diddy and his legal team have denied each of the claims in kind. On April 26, his lawyers filed a motion to dismiss a number of the claims in the Dickerson-Neal lawsuit, citing that several of the relevant statutes did not yet exist at the time of the alleged misconduct.

On top of all the sexual assault lawsuits, Combs is also facing a business lawsuit that alleges he failed to pay New Orleans design firm Raven PMG the $100,000 it spent on materials for an event he then postponed.

“The current case is the first of many against Diddy […] as our investigation is revealing significant damages incurred by multiple parties, suggesting a systemic issue within their operations,” said Thomas Eisweirth, an attorney for Raven PMG.

That suit is seeking reimbursement for the material cost, plus another $200,000 in damages plus interest, attorney fees, and other legal expenses.