Are We Finally Getting Spotify HiFi? New Leaks Point to Possible Release Following Years of Speculation

Spotify HiFi
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Spotify HiFi
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Photo Credit: Spotify

Is the long-awaited release of upgraded Spotify audio finally upon us? After years of speculation, new evidence suggests that higher-quality listening could almost be here.

Like the multitude of other pieces of evidence concerning improved Spotify audio quality, this latest information came to light in leaked screenshots that surfaced on Reddit. Possibly because so many rumors have surrounded Spotify’s plans in the area – a full three years have passed since different eagle-eyed users spotted a “HiFi” icon – the news has caused a relatively small media splash.

Regarding the subject’s twists and turns, the prospect of a standalone HiFi tier made way for rumblings of a comparatively expensive and feature-heavy Supremium offering complete with optimized audio and more. Then, reports last month pointed to a pivot away from Supremium and back towards a “Music Pro” add-on of sorts.

And according to the user, OhItsTom, who provided the fresh batch of Spotify audio-quality screenshots, the relevant feature is now known internally as “Enhanced Listening” as opposed to HiFi.

Running with the details provided directly from said screenshots, those who pay for Enhanced Listening will be able to “stream wirelessly in up to 24-bit on compatible devices through Spotify Connect.” (Perhaps not coincidentally, Spotify in July of 2023 released a video guide on how to use Connect.)

A “Lossless label” will show when listeners are “streaming in up to 24-bit,” per the text, which expressly mentions a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. Technically, though, that rate, presumably one of several attributable to upgraded audio depending on internet speed or download settings, is already supported by Spotify, with Apple Music and Amazon Music (both of which upgraded their audio years ago) boasting a top-end sample rate of 192 kHz.

Those Spotify competitors also have up to 24-bit depth for audio, while their respective bitrates add another layer to the inherently complex and involved discussion. Tying the point back to Spotify HiFi, the same screenshots further note a bitrate of up to 2,117 kbps for a device under Enhanced Listening.

Looking beyond these multifaceted sound-quality specifics, time will tell whether Spotify actually moves forward with the audio upgrade. Although the business is zeroing in on monetization and profitability, a formal announcement hasn’t yet arrived concerning Enhanced Listening.

A Redditor effectively summed up the situation when responding to the post containing the screenshots. “Thank you for sharing the leaks but to be honest I’m fed up with them hyping us non-stop,” the individual wrote. “I just wanna see HiFi happening.”