Instagram’s Latest Sticker for Stories? — ‘Add Yours Music’

Dua Lipa Instagram stickers 'Add Yours Music'
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Dua Lipa Instagram stickers 'Add Yours Music'
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Photo Credit: Instagram

Instagram has launched four new sticker formats for its Stories to give users new ways to communicate. One is the ‘Add Yours Music’ sticker—which capitalizes on what’s trending.

The new sticker combines the fun of the ‘Add Yours’ sticker with the music sticker to create the ‘Add Yours Music’ sticker. The ‘Add Yours’ sticker creates a participation trend where users can add their thoughts and experiences to a global conversation—making it a music sticker takes this one step further.

Users can jump on music trends and share their favorite song that fits the mood, offers new music to find, or a tune that’s a particular vibe of the day. Here’s a quick peek at how it works and where to find it in the Instagram app.

  1. Tap the stickers icon.
  2. Tap on the icon that says ‘Add Yours Music.’
  3. Tap on the ‘+ / Add Music’ to select a song from the Instagram music library.
  4. Once the story is posted, friends can add their song using the ‘Add Yours’ button.

Instagram teamed up with Dua Lipa to announce the new feature. Her new album Radical Optimism dropped last week. The singer posted an ‘Add Yours Music’ sticker in her Instagram Stories profile as part of the launch, encouraging fans to share their favorites from her new album.

Other new stickers included in this update include ‘Frames,’ which turns any photo into an instant print photo. Friends must shake their phone to develop the image. The ‘Reveal’ sticker allows users to post hidden stories for friends and followers to uncover. The only way for them to see the content is to send a DM. ‘Cutouts’ turn any part of a video or photo into a Cutout sticker that can be added to any Story or Reel.

The addition of these four stickers helps the platform become more interactive and encourages engagement from followers—something TikTok has excelled at in its surge to the top of the social media charts.