Secure Your Songs: Explore Songbox’s Audio Sharing Solution

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Songbox is changing how musicians handle and protect their music, and now the Scottish start-up is ready to disrupt the industry further.

The following comes from Songbox, a company DMN is partnered with.

A new platform changing how musicians handle and protect their music is making a huge splash with its state-of-the-art, secure audio-sharing capabilities. Based in Glasgow, Scotland, and co-founded by Multi-Platinum Recording Artist & Grammy Award Winner Bryan Adams, Songbox launched without external funding and already has thousands of global users.

The company is looking to partner with other businesses and collaborate on developing exciting new features. Songbox allows musicians and other audio content creators to store and securely share their music with anyone they choose, whether co-creators, collaborators, industry figures, or media outlets—the possibilities are endless.

The platform lets the content creator know that the audio has been received and whether it has been listened to, even confirming which tracks have been played and for how long. And it’s all done with built-in privacy and security.

The team behind Songbox is proud of its relationship with its users. They regularly incorporate their feedback in developing new features and have built the platform on this spirit of collaboration.

Songbox founder Michael Coll says: “From the moment we launched Songbox, we’ve quickly adapted the platform as needed and improved its capabilities. We’re in a place now where we know we can offer users many features that other platforms cannot. The insights of our users have been invaluable to us, and we love to hear from them.”

The idea for Songbox came from songwriter and musician Michael’s experiences when trying to get attention for his work. He also saw this from the other side of the fence when he later worked as a web developer at a major music industry player.

He adds: “Like many other bands, we’d send out demos and never even know whether they had been received, let alone listened to. In my job, I’d see people’s hard work in the form of hundreds of demos arrive every week, only to pile up in a corner without ever being opened. We called it ‘the corner where dreams went to die.’ I knew there had to be a better way.” His idea led to the creation of Songbox.

It’s designed for anyone who works with audio files, with various pricing options, including a free package for those who want to try without commitment.

Michael and co-founder Ciaran O’Toole want to grow Songbox and collaborate with other businesses. “We’re full of ideas, and we’d love to hear from other businesses about how we can further develop Songbox features,” adds Michael.

More information can be found at the Songbox official website.