ICE Reveals €1 Billion Annual Distributions Milestone, Emphasizes Its ‘Very Strong Focus on Scalability’

ICE WCM euro digital licensing admin
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ICE WCM euro digital licensing admin
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Photo Credit: ICE Services

ICE has officially cracked €1 billion (currently $1.08 billion) in annual distributions for the first time since its 2016 launch.

The PRS-, STIM-, and GEMA-founded company reached out today with word of that milestone, which arrived specifically between May of 2023 and April of 2024. As recapped by ICE (the International Copyright Enterprise), nearly three and a half years passed before it topped €1 billion in cumulative distributions, compared to about two years for the second billion.

Running with those figures and the mentioned milestone, ICE’s overall distributions to date total approximately $4.87 billion (€4.5 billion). Behind that sizable sum, the business, which scored an expanded Warner Chappell pact last month, pointed to “multi-stage invoicing,” the Licensr self-service licensing offering, and an auditing program for DSPs.

Notwithstanding these and other offerings, ICE’s showing is, of course, ultimately dependent on royalty management. On this front, the London-headquartered hub, which posted turnover of $59.20 million (€54.69 million) and profit of $11.45 million (€10.58 million) for 2022, says it represents north of 330,000 rightsholders.

Besides the Arctic Rights Management owner Peermusic (which reupped in April), ICE Core counts as members the aforesaid PRS, STIM, and GEMA as well as BMI, Sabam, AKM, Concord, and (despite a few reported hiccups) Songtrust, to name some.

Addressing the “major achievement” on the royalties side, ICE CEO Peter de Mönnink underscored “the value of music and the importance of songwriting” – while also touching on the platform-optimization projects that are underway.

“The increasing scale of the ICE Hub is paramount to offer the highest and most efficient distributions for songwriters and composers,” the former Talpa Network head relayed in part. “It is ICE’s belief that this scale will be evermore important to ensure fair and sustainable royalty flows for rightsholders in the online space. This is not only our mission, but also our passion.

“To support our ongoing efforts,” the exec continued, “and address the complexities of royalty management, ICE has a very strong focus on scalability facilitated by its ongoing platform development. Whilst this innovative undertaking presents significant challenges, we are pleased with the progress we have made. ICE is now moving step by step into deployment phases of this advanced platform.”

In remarks of her own, COO Rachael Naylor touted ICE’s “higher ratings across all service areas” in recent client surveys.

“We do not underestimate the trust placed in us by our customers to deliver critical and reliable royalty services,” Naylor communicated in part, “and are driven to continue to transform internally to achieve the right mix of technical, service and process optimisation all delivered by truly committed and expert teams.”