Spotify Rethinks Car Thing Refund Policy After Class Action Lawsuit

can I get a refund for my Spotify Car Thing
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can I get a refund for my Spotify Car Thing
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Photo Credit: AkosinCreations

Spotify killed off Car Thing and initially said it would not offer refunds for the $90 electronic brick. Now the music streaming service has backpedaled on refunds—with one condition.

Several Spotify Premium users were disappointed to discover that Spotify is officially killing off its hardware experiment on December 9, 2024. The company will issue a firmware update to the Car Thing on that date that renders the device unusable—ending a three-year experiment. Car Thing was officially discontinued in July 2022 when Spotify stopped producing them, but the company said it would continue to support the device for those who purchased them.

Following news that the device would be bricked by a firmware update later this year, a group of people who bought Car Thing launched a class action lawsuit against Spotify. In that complaint, buyers said had they known the device would last ‘less than a year’ they would not have forked over $90 to own one.

Now on the official FAQ for the Spotify Car Thing that explains the shut down, there’s a question, “How can I request a refund?” with the answer, “Individuals seeking a refund can contact customer support with proof of purchase to discuss their options.” That proof of purchase is the important part here—to receive a refund you need to have purchased directly from Spotify.

Users who picked up a Spotify Car Thing via eBay or other third-party option are out of luck. You will need that proof of purchase email receipt too—if you didn’t keep it you’re out of luck. Users of the r/CarThing subreddit have reported they’ve received refunds over the last few days, though Spotify appears to be delivering them in $12 tranches, with one refund of $30 delivered over three deposits.

How to Get a Refund for Spotify Car Thing

  1. Contact Spotify’s customer support service and ask politely for a refund of the Car Thing you purchased.
  2. Spotify’s customer service will ask to see your email receipt.
  3. Provide a screenshot of the email receipt you received.
  4. Spotify will process your original payment method refund in 1-3 days. If you no longer have access to the original payment method, Spotify may ask for bank account information to process the refund.