Google Gemini’s First Non-Google Extension is Spotify

Google Gemini extension Spotify
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Google Gemini extension Spotify
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Photo Credit: Google

Google may be rolling out a Spotify extension for the Gemini AI Android app, following the release of an extension for YouTube Music.

Just after the rollout late last month of its YouTube Music extension for its Gemini AI app for Android, Google seems to be working on a similar extension for Spotify. The Spotify extension will presumably be similar in functionality to its YouTube Music counterpart.

The YouTube Music extension in Gemini launched on May 23, enabling users to do a slew of things via Google’s AI chatbot, including finding music, starting radio stations, and lots more. Now, Android Authority has spotted references to a Spotify extension for Gemini, hidden in the latest Google app update for Android. Though the functionality is not yet available, the references in the latest update indicate that such an extension is on the way.

But that update could still be quite a distance out. As 9to5Google points out, evidence of the YouTube Music extension cropped up well ahead of the integration actually going live — and that’s for cross functionality for two services owned by Google. Gemini integration with Spotify will require additional permissions, as well as being manually enabled by the user, so it makes sense that this integration could take a little bit longer.

Google has been pushing heavily into the artificial intelligence space with a lot of investment into its Gemini chatbot, in order to better compete against the current heavyweight champion in the sector, ChatGPT. To that end, the company is trying its best to offer integration with other apps and services people typically use through Gemini Extensions.

Extensions allow Gemini to access information from other apps and services in order to serve up better AI results tailored to the user. The YouTube Music extension enables you to find and play music through Gemini by letting it tap into the audio streaming service. The Google Maps extension helps to provide better location-based information, while the Google Workspace extension gives you summarized answers across your Google suite (Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Sheets, etc.)

Currently, Google only offers Gemini extensions for its own services, so a Spotify extension would mark the first from another company. So what’s in store for the future of Gemini extensions? Interestingly, asking the Gemini AI chatbot itself about extensions it might offer in the future prompted the possibility of integration with services like Asana, Trello, or Slack for productivity, Amazon or eBay for e-commerce solutions, and Facebook and Instagram for social media platforms.

Of course, it’s important to note (as Gemini also cautions), these are “just predictions.” Google hasn’t announced any official plans for future extensions. “The focus will likely be on apps that can leverage Gemini’s AI capabilities and provide a seamless user experience,” the chatbot concludes.

It should be interesting to see which if any of these services will end up next on Google’s list once the Spotify integration with Gemini eventually debuts.