Guy Who Rips Bong at The Sphere During Phish Concert Gets Banned for Life

guy who rips bong at Madison Square Garden Phish concert receives letter informing him he is banned
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guy who rips bong at Madison Square Garden Phish concert receives letter informing him he is banned
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Photo Credit: acid_farts / Instagram

A man celebrating the April 20 (4/20) weed holiday took a fat rip on a bong he smuggled into The Sphere to see Phish. Now he’s been banned for life.

Madison Square Garden Entertainment Corp.—the holding corp founded by James Dolan that operates Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, the Beacon Theatre, the Chicago Theatre, and now the Sphere—has banned the Phish fan who wanted to celebrate. The fan ‘@acid_farts’ posted a video on Instagram of himself taking a big rip from a bong.

Following the post going viral on social media, the fan received a letter detailing the ban. “On April 20, 2024, you posted an Instagram video of yourself smoking inside the Sphere with the caption, “First bong hit to ever be ripped in the @spherevegas @phish.” You knowingly violated the guest code of conduct by visibly smoking inside the venue. Sphere Entertainment Co. will not tolerate actions that threaten the safety and security of our guests and employees.”

“In light of your conduct, you are hereby indefinitely banned from Madison Square Garden, Radio City Music Hall, The Beacon Theatre, The Chicago Theatre, Sphere, and any other MSG Venue. You are not to enter into or remain in any of the MSG Venues at any time in the future. If you ever any of the MSG venues […] law enforcement will be contacted to ensure your expulsion and you will be subject to penalties,” signed by MSG Entertainment Senior Vice President and Associate General Counsel, Christopher Schimpf.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, the fan says they have been to 187 Phish concerts in the past. The bong rip Phish show was the third and final night seeing the band that week in Las Vegas. The fan says he did not want to bring the bong on his flight home, so he disposed of it on his way out of the venue.

He says he faced no repercussions on the night he ripped the bong. Instead, he says he believes his plans to see Dead and Company triggered the legal notice. “I opened it up and there was this letter saying you’re banned from going to the Sphere,” the fan says. “I was like, I’m literally leaving for the Sphere right now.”

My man, where ever you are—that’s what edibles are designed for. It’s worth noting that Madison Square Garden’s facial recognition technology is nothing to mess around with, either. A lawyer who worked at a law firm engaged in a lawsuit with MSG Entertainment saw herself escorted out of a Rockettes Show at Radio City Music Hall back in 2022.

After that story went viral, several lawyers were booted after being identified by MSG’s facial recognition technology. Following interest from the New York attorney general over the policy of banning opposing attorneys—MSG said it would stop using it to boot lawyers. It won’t stop using it to stop this guy from ripping a bong in MSG Entertainment properties, though.