CTS Eventim Completes $327 Million Acquisition of Vivendi’s Festival and International Ticketing Businesses

CTS Eventim acquires vivendi festivals and international ticketing business
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CTS Eventim acquires vivendi festivals and international ticketing business
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Photo Credit: Vivendi / CTS Eventim

CTS Eventim announces the completion of its acquisition of Vivendi’s festival and international ticketing businesses in a $327 million deal.

International ticketing and live entertainment provider, CTS Eventim, announces the completion of its acquisition of media and entertainment company Vivendi’s festival and international ticketing businesses, following a put option agreement signed on April 2. The deal is valued at around $327 million (€300 million).

Vivendi’s ticketing and festival activities collectively produced $149 million in revenues in 2023, with the ticketing business accounting for roughly $114 million of that, with an EBITDA of $28 million. The UK market accounted for the largest share of the revenues, followed by the US market. The festival business portion of the current deal generated an additional $34 million in revenues.

The acquisition by CTS Eventim offers new development opportunities to Vivendi’s festival portfolio and See Tickets’ international activities while ensuring maximum continuity for all their partners. It further supports CTS Eventim’s internationalization strategy and will benefit artists and their managers by offerings seamless services on a global scale.

Notably, Vivendi’s performance hall activities, including L’Olympia in Paris, as well as See Tickets France and Brive Festival, are not part of the agreement.

Vivendi has built a world-class content, media, and communications group since 2014, with members playing major roles in over 100 countries. In addition, Vivendi is active in the magazine and video games businesses, and owns the global digital content distribution platform Dailymotion. Vivendi also features a subsidiary dedicated to providing high-speed internet access in Africa.

As a group, Vivendi is committed to helping build more open, inclusive, and responsible societies by supporting diverse and inventive, creative works, promoting broader access to culture, education, and its industries, while increasing awareness of current-day challenges and opportunities.

CTS Eventim is Europe’s top provider of ticketing services, with over 300 million tickets marketing through its systems each year between physical box offices and mobile/online portals. The company also operates some of Europe’s most renowned venues.

According to Pollstar’s global rankings for 2023, the Eventim Group is the second-biggest promoter worldwide. In 2023, the Group generated revenue of $2.6 billion (€2.4 billion) across more than 25 countries.