What Are The Most Manipulated Songs of 2024?

what are the most manipulated songs of 2024
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what are the most manipulated songs of 2024
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Photo Credit: Nejc Soklič

Hundreds of modified audio tracks are uploaded to social media each day. Pitch shifting, speed up, slow down, and more are popular methods of track modification. But what are the most manipulated songs of 2024?

Social media trends drive the creation of modified audio tracks, especially on TikTok. Some of these trends like ‘nightcore’ create remixes that aren’t properly licensed, which means new creators are getting paid instead of the original creator.

Pex indexes publicly available content from digital platforms and does not use any platform APIs or tools to report its data. It tracked songs from the Billboard Hot 100 chart from March 2024 across more than 20 social media platforms to identify modified audio tracks. The matches were considered ‘all time,’ meaning any matches that had been on the internet up until that point. Modified audio is defined as any audio where the speed was changed by at least 1% or the pitch was changed by at least 25 percent.

Some songs are seeing up to 80% of their matches being modified audio uploads. Pex’s audio identification technology found over 220,000 matches for “One of the Girls,” by The Weeknd, Jennie & Lily Rose Depp. The song was made popular by the HBO show ‘The Idol,’ but more than 179,000 (80%) of the uploads were modified versions of the original song.

The Most Manipulated Songs of 2024

Song Title
Manipulated Percentage of Matches
1. “One of the Girls”The Weekend, Jennie and Lily Rose Depp
2. “Cruel Summer”Taylor Swift
3. “Paint The Town Red”Doja Cat
4. “Made For Me”Muni Long
5. “Greedy”Tate McRae
6. “Murder on the Dancefloor”Sophie Ellis-Bextor
7. “Feather”Sabrina Carpenter
8. “Water”Tyla
9. “Vampire”Olivia Rodrigo
10. “Breathe”Yeat
11. “One Call”Rich Amiri
12. “We Can’t Be Friends”Ariana Grande
13. “Yes, And?”Ariana Grande
14. “Snooze”SZA
15. “Never Lose Me”Flo Milli

While some songs on the list have a higher modification percentage, their ranking is based on views. Modified songs are nothing without viewers. The problem arises once a modified version of a track becomes more popular than the original upload. When these versions of the song amass enough attention to earn royalties—it’s considered music fraud. Four out of the top ten songs have more cumulative views from modified matches than the original upload.

Those songs are “One of the Girls,” “Breathe,” “Feather,” and “Made for Me.” For the song “Breathe” by Yeat, 93% of the views across all matches are for modified versions of the song, illustrating the problem of modified audio overshadowing the original version. When it comes to creating modified audio, TikTok is by far the most popular platform for sharing modified audio.

84% of modified matches that were tracked in this data originated from TikTok. YouTube clocks in second place with 10% of modified tracks, followed by Meta (3%), SoundCloud (2%), and Other Platforms (1%).