Offers Royalty-Free Music Solutions for DSPs & Online Platforms

MusicRevolution offers royalty-free music and recurring revenue for artists
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MusicRevolution offers royalty-free music and recurring revenue for artists
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Producing and creating music for any project can leave artists with lots of unused material. Sometimes musicians repurpose that material elsewhere. But can turn those tracks into a recurring revenue stream for artists—occasionally with surprising results.

The following comes from MusicRevolution, a company DMN is partnered with.

UK-based music composer Matthew Harvey submitted music for a crime/thriller TV show in pre-production. The show’s producers accepted most of the pieces Harvey created—but not all of them. “That’s typical,” explains Harvey. “So I sent the extra tracks to One of them has performed really well and has generated nice income. I guess letting the market decide is part of the journey.”

Royalty-free music libraries can be a hard space to work in as not all libraries are accepting new artists or submissions. is always open to new artists and music, which keeps the catalog fresh for buyers in need of royalty-free music for their projects. “Staying open to artistry by musicians like Matthew Harvey is what separates us from other online music libraries,” notes Co-Founder Mike Bielenberg. “For our customers and partners, this means that we always have fresh, new content. We have one of the largest royalty-free music libraries available anywhere—thanks to the rapid growth of our business.” features almost 100,000 high-quality tracks composed by nearly 1,000 aspiring and professional musicians. “We are a leading music provider for Adobe Stock audio,” Co-Founder Chris Cardell told Digital Music News. “Music Revolution makes it easy for platforms like Adobe to provide music to their customers. We aggregate and curate tracks in every genre, vet those tracks to ensure all rights are secured and in order, then efficiently deliver that music online.”

The royalty-free music library covers every genre and style of music including: On Hold, Fun, New Age, Rock, Pop, RnB, Comedy, Corporate, Drama, Energetic, Orchestral/Classical, Christmas/Holiday, Acoustic, Hip Hop, EDM, Retail, Sentimental, Easy Listening, Advertising, Electronica, Country, Jazz, Piano, and Vocals.

Co-Founders Mike Bielenberg and Chris Cardell met as executives at Juptermedia—then a publicly-traded digital media company. Cardell served as President, while Bielenberg managed the company’s music division. “I was overseeing a range of digital content offerings, “Cardell elaborates. “But the inroads Mike was making with digital music aggregation really stood out to me. So in 2009 we took a leap and created”

Bielenberg has composed music for Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, IBM, and more. He says, “I cut my teeth in recording studios and on software development teams. Chris cut his teeth with consulting firms and in boardrooms. Our backgrounds are different, but our skills are very complementary.”

That complementary skill set helped the founders recognize the need and growing demand for ‘non-PRO’ music. Non-PRO music means the track was created by an artist who does not belong to a performing rights organization (PRO); or perhaps does belong to a PRO but has decided not to register the track with the PRO.

“This is one of the most important shifts we’ve seen in the production music business,” Bielenberg told Digital Music News. “Non-PRO musicians don’t want to sign exclusively with an organization only to sit around and wait for that once-in-a-lifetime sync. They want to work with an entity that will reply to their emails, publish their content in a vibrant marketplace, and generate royalties for them. We are that entity.”

“For digital service providers (DSPs) and other online platforms, non-PRO music eliminates the time consuming red tape often associated with PRO music,” Bielenberg explains.

The catalog, which includes an extensive selection of ‘non-PRO’ royalty-free music, is available for third-party distribution and bulk licensing for DSPs, platforms, and other resellers. It is also available as background music or in-store music for retail, restaurants, hotels, fitness clubs, and other commercial applications. The company recently launched an Amazon Alexa skill which can be used to play music in retail businesses at a fraction of the cost of other well-known commercial background music services.

Bielenberg says the company is also exploring ways in which artificial intelligence can help improve the metadata and search experience for its customers.

“Content creation and social media platforms have an increasing need for digital music to accompany all types of content for their users,” adds Cardell. “We are uniquely equipped to be that partner to provide a high-quality, cost effective music solution. And we’re always ready for that conversation.”